Pro Day

Last Friday I literally ran out of class to get to Boone Pickens Stadium to watch pro day. I have always enjoyed pro day but this year there was even more to look forward to.

First of all, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 75 degrees and sunny. Second of all, the players featured this year are sure to be marked as legends at OSU. Finally, NFL hall-of-famer John Elway was in town and I was dying to catch a glimpse of the star in person. Reportedly, Elway had taken the former OSU quarterback Brandon Weeden out for steak dinner the night before. Elway had expressed earlier last season that Tim Tebow was not the long-term starting quarterback for the Broncos in his opinion. His visit to Stillwater and obvious interest in Weeden makes me very curious as to what kind of role that Weeden could play on his team.

Though many doubt Weeden because of his older age (28) he definitely was impressive on Friday. Weeden ran a 4.95 40, had a 32-inch vertical jump, 8-6 broad jump, 4.49 second short shuttle and 7.40-second three-cone drill. Weeden threw well, he only had one uncatchable pass.

Justin Blackmon, star receiver posted an impressive 4.46 40. Blackmon also had a 10 foot 3 broad jump, 35 inch vertical jump, 4.43 second short shuffle and a 7.22 three-cone drill. After these impressive times and measures many predict that he has secured his spot as a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft.

Defensive end Richetti Jones ran a 48 40 and had 30 reps (225 lbs).

Other players such as linebacker James Thomas and wide receivers Josh Cooper and Colton Chelf participated in pro day as well. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out!

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