NCAA Sanction Hype/Anxiety

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Now on to Duck talk….

I know it’s only been a couple months, but it feels like a million. Those who know me, know I absolutely hate the spring and summer simply because I have to expose more of my pale skin, AND because it’s the football off season! But this year, I’ve decided to look at the bright side: The spring game is just around the corner, and there is plenty to talk about in the meantime.

In case you haven’t read an ounce of news in the past few months, and you haven’t talked to any Duck Fans, I need to bring you up to speed on a little/big/who- really- knows- what- will- happen- problem: The NCAA investigation into the Oregon Football program. I thought I’d take this opportunity (to get the bad news out of the way early) to explain the hype. I’ve spent hours researching, reading articles, having panic attacks, and trying to understand the whole thing myself. I did the dirty work, so let me break it down for you, girly style….

Basically, there’s this guy named Will Lyles. He works for a recruiting agency. A recruiter gathers information about high school athletes, through visits to games, videos, etc. Recruiting agencies then sell information to colleges. There are a lot of rules around how this is done. Oregon and Will Lyles are believed to have broken those rules. The Red Flag waved after it was discovered that Oregon paid Will Lyles roughly 25,000 for recruiting information, that was way outdated and useless. Schools do pay that much money to recruiting agencies, but it usually produces a massive amount of detailed recruiting information. Next, in 2010, a top ranked athlete, Lache Seastrunk, who had a relationship with Mr. Lyles, suddenly decided to come Oregon. This was right around the time Oregon paid Will Lyles 25k- sort of shady. To make the situation worse, after the story broke, Mr. Lyles told reporters he felt Oregon paid him for his “access and influence” with the athletes. (He also had a relationship with Lamichael James when he was a high school athlete in Texas and Arkansas). Basically, he’s not suppose to influence athletes to go to a certain school, and it “looks” like Oregon paid him to do that- a big no no!

Now, there are a few other issues at hand, being investigated by the NCAA, but this is the big issue. Several reports have been released, but the actual consequences are still a mystery. Several sports media outlets have debated the issue at length, but nobody really knows. What you need to know is the Ducks are likely to get slapped, it’s just unclear how hard. After the investigation, the NCAA can impose sanctions. Potential consequences range from warnings to losing scholarships, to the dreaded “post season bowl ban”. A ban on post season play seems to be the worst Duck Fan fear (myself included). That would mean, no Rose Bowl, no Natty, no Nothin’. Sure, we could watch the game each week, but half the fun is knowing your fighting to make it to a BIG game. I will be sure to let you know what happens, but in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed (or pray if you’re like me) the slap doesn’t leave a mark.

As a side note, I will add a dash of hope: Big Daddy Phil Knight. I know it’s kind of “Paris Hilton” of me, but I secretly hope he’s got this one covered- any Duck fan who doesn’t is lying. I have to think the NCAA wouldn’t want to hurt Phil Knight’s baby, given his LARGE contribution to many NCAA teams- Is it fair? No. Moral? No. Part of the game? Maybe. Stay tuned….

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