Spring Game-Ducks vs. Ducks- #WhatsThePoint Part 1

Hi Ladies! Just in case you missed the memo, The Ducks’ Spring Game/Scrimmage is scheduled for April 28th at 11am @Autzen Stadium. Admission is completely free with 3 cans of food/per person donated to Food for Lane County. It’s an awesome way to bring the kids to Autzen without spending a bazillion dollars, and as an added bonus for the little ones- the game usually lasts about 1/2 the time as a regular season game (bad for me, good for my 6 year old)!

Moving on….

Confession time. I realized this week, I may be a little bit obsessed with football. The season is over 4 months away, and I honestly think I could chop off a finger, if it meant the season started tomorrow. Since my finger would have ZERO impact on the football season, I’ve resorted to watching video after video of everything DUCKS (and Lamichael James NFL Journey). My friends and family are probably a little concerned, but if I’m going to keep up the big boys of football blogging…

Moving on for real….

Don’t worry, there really is a point to this blog post- I promise. A lot of people have been asking me about the Spring Game, and what I might be watching for. My kids are very confused about why I’m so excited to watch the Ducks play against themselves, so I got to thinking and decided to do a two-part series over the next week, to help all you ladies better enjoy, and better understand #thepoint to the DUCKS vs. DUCKS scrimmage next week!

The most exciting thing to watch will undoubtedly be the Quarterback battle.
Basically the team will be divided into two separate teams, each led by 1 of 2 Quarterbacks, trying to earn their way to the top. Hopefully you’ve heard that Darron Thomas (Oregon’s QB for the past couple of years) left to enter the NFL draft with Lamichael James. If you’ve read my earlier posts you already know I wasn’t terribly upset because there’s this other guy- Brian Bennett, and he’s awesome! Brian filled in for Darron a few times last season, and I was totally sold. After watching him in action, I immediately knew he was going to be one of the best QB’s Oregon has ever seen! But now there’s this other guy-Marcus Mariota, and he’s awesome too- so they say. I hadn’t heard much about him last year, but apparently he’s kind of a big deal, and now I’m all caught up in the Bennett-Mariota debate…

In case you are new to football, college football coaches usually don’t disclose who the QB is going to be unless it’s completely obvious. This year, it’s not obvious. This is why the QB battle will be fun to watch at the Spring Game. The basic comparison is this:

Brian Bennett started for 3 years as the QB of his high school team in California, then came to Oregon, and was able to show us his “stuff” several times last season. He’s 6’3″ and 205 lbs. He apparently runs nearly as fast as Lamichael james, and the receivers say he throws the ball hard (in a good way). He is considered the “veteran” of the two, and has had much more time establishing himself as a leader on the team.

Marcus Mariota started just 1 year as the QB of his high school team in Hawaii, before coming to oregon. However, he went to a known high school football dynasty in Hawaii, and apparently played second string to some super star. Despite playing only one year, he was obviously able to prove himself enough to be a top recruit in the country, getting Oregon’s attention. He is considered the young, unproven, underdog of the competition, but there is some indication, from the team (during different interviews) that he could be the guy. He is said to throw the ball – just kind of floating it perfectly into the receivers’ hands- and can also run as fast, if not faster, than Bennett. He’s also about the same size as Bennett, weighing 200 lbs at 6’4″. (Being a tall QB is helpful because they are able to see further down the field).

So ladies, there you have it- one reason to watch the spring game. Keep your eyes on both QB’s and take a guess on who you think Chip Kelly will pick! I know where I’m leaning, but I’ll keep that a secret…for now.

Go Ducks!

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