National Championship Trophy Takes a Tumble

So I am sure you all have heard by now that the latest National Championship trophy is no more. Yes, you heard that correctly, gone. So what happened? Did NCAA yank it away from the Crimson Tide? Stolen by an Auburn alumni? Nope, it just rolled off the table and fell on to the marble floor and shattered into a MILLION tiny pieces… As did the heart of many Alabama fans at that moment, but mostly for poor Carelton Tinker, Carson Tinker’s Dad. Well it just so happens that Tinker’s Dad was admiring the trophy that was on display at the A-Day game last weekend. He says he believes he either bumped the table or his foot got caught in the tablecloth that had draped down to the floor. Either way, he felt so bad he offered to buy a new one and work off his debt in the athletic department. Alabama declined, told him it was insured and a brand new one is on its way to replace it. He says he has laid awake at night with that moment playing over and over again in his head. Just like many of the present and past football players, family members, and fans there are just some moments in Alabama football that will never be forgotten and for him, this is the one!

Now what will they do with all those tiny pieces of the broken one? It’s still yet to be told, but I happen to think they would make some great Crimson Tide ‘diamond’ earrings! I know I would want a pair.

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