Spring Game-Ducks vs. Ducks- #WhatsThePoint Part 2

This week just totally flew by so I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet! I hope you’re all as excited about the Spring Game as I am…(A little hint: don’t go at 11. This game will probably be pretty crowded, so make sure to get there early so you can get a good seat.)

So a couple of days ago I brought you up to speed on the Quarterback situation, and what to watch for. Today, It’s the receivers. Can you tell which positions are my favorite? As most Duck fans will admit (if they are being honest), our receiver situation wasn’t great last year. Given that my favorite player is usually a receiver, it was a little rough, but I really have a feeling that’s all about to change…

See, the past couple of years have been BEAUTIFUL for Oregon recruiting. While I wasn’t paying attention, we apparently scored a couple of top receiver recruits. After reading a million articles and watching player highlight videos (don’t judge me), I’m pretty sure I’ve determined which receivers I’ll have my eyes on this Saturday, and here they are:

Tacoi Sumler: He was a redshirt freshmen last season (This means, he was practicing with the team, but did not play. This allows him to play another 4 years if he chooses). He’s a small guy, but was the fastest high school football player in the country- fast as in faster-than-Lamichael fast. So, keep an eye on #88 (he’ll be on the WHITE Team) and see just how fast he is! As an added bonus, I really like his on-camera attitude, and the fact he lived in Florida but believed he’d be a Duck when he was a high school freshman. Love that!

Devon Blackmon #12: He also was a redshirt freshman last season, and is unbelievably fast! He has said he prefers Mariota to Bennett because of how Mariota throws. I’m excited to see how they play together on Saturday since they were put on the same team for the Game.

Daryl Hawkins #16: Hawkins was recruited as a Quarterback, but ended up playing at receiver, probably because the Ducks needed a good receiver, and at that time there were several good QB’s. Anyway, he’s a receiver and I’m happy about it. I have had my eye on him for the past year, and even though he had some issues last year, I’m still pretty convinced he’s up and coming.

I would guess De’Anthony Thomas may play some at receiver on Saturday, but I imagine he’ll mostly play Running Back, with a few trick plays where he goes out for a catch, but I wouldn’t expect too much of that. When he and Kenjon Barner are playing on the same team (Which they won’t be on Saturday), watch for DAT to play more at receiver (side note). Anyway, it goes without saying, I’ll be watching him ALL over the place on Saturday!

All in all, the players I’ll be watching (for those of you who are wondering) are:
Marcus Mariota, Brian Bennett,and Tacoi Sumler….

Go Ducks! And don’t forget 3 cans of food!!!

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