Ducks’ Spring Game- Post Game Girl Talk

5 things I learned at the Spring Game:

1) Girls may be the more dedicated fans now- at least from my perspective. After watching the game and being stuck in traffic with two kids and a nephew, I anxiously dialed at least two of my “used- to- be- faithful” football husbands (Mike and Mike), only to find out NEITHER of them went, watched, or even listened to the game! Not to worry, I’ve already pulled their “man card”. I quickly realized it really was my girlfriends that pulled through-most of them going to the game without their significant other and tagging along 2-3 kids each! I’m a very proud gridirongirl right now- just sayin’.

2) Marcus Mariota is Ahhhmazing! (yes, I know that is spelled wrong). I knew this kid must be good since he only started one year in high school and somehow made it to the one of the top teams in the country, but wow! If he doesn’t get the starting role, I’ll be shocked! I know most of my guy friends are disagreeing me right now, but they don’t get a say because again, I took their man cards.

3) Ayele Ford, Running Back, was very impressive. Given all the worry about Oregon not having enough great running backs, I’m feeling much better. As an added note, a new incoming freshman who will join the team this fall is said to be even better!

4. I feel a LITTLE better about the Receiver Situation. I wasn’t totally impressed but I could see some sparks. I think the newer guys are fast and clearly talented, It just looks like they need a little more work. I walked away feeling like with a little more practice we may finally have some stand outs. Basically, they have the talent, just need some work over the next few months. I had hoped to see more action from Tacoi Sumler, but it looks like he’s a couple spots back on the depth chart (list of 1st string, 2nd, string, etc…). Based on the Spring Game performances, look for Daryl Hawkins, BJ Kelly, Blake Stanton, and Rashan Vaughn to stand out!

5. I can’t wait for the season! The only problem with the Spring Game is it’s kind of a teaser. For the die hard fan it’s bittersweet. I am happy to have had a sneak peek, but will totally be jonesing for the next 4 MONTHS! It’s a bit like eating a Hershey Kiss- it tastes good but when you are done,you wish you had a whole Hershey Bar (maybe that just happens to me).

Until next time gridirongirls…..

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