Drafting and Winning

Drafting and Winning

As ladies, some of us may think of ‘drafting’ as writing a document for review, making a bank draft or even a type of beer. However, in the world of football, ‘the draft’ takes on a whole new meaning. To draft players means that the NFL, or National Football League, will be picking up some of our favorite players from the college fields.

So as we said “hello” to a few new players during recruiting, now is the time to say “good bye” of some of our favorites. We must let them go on to bigger and better things, mostly a big paycheck for all their efforts at winning games. Most of you may not be familiar with a little team called the Miami Hurricanes. But just over a decade ago, Miami was the place to pick up the best drafts for the NFL. Well, let me tell you ladies, the Hurricanes are being wiped off the map by the Crimson Tide. Four players that played from the Crimson Tide’s National Championship team for 2011 went in the first round; they are Mark Barron, Dont’a Hightower, Dre Kirkpatrick, and Trent Richardson. Dont’a Hightower went in the second round for a total of five Crimson Tide players. All are names you have heard here on my blog before, Trent heading out as the 3rd pick, going to the Cleveland Browns. I may have to become a Browns fan! Now wouldn’t THAT BE THE DAY?

In the last four NFL drafts, Alabama has had a total of 17 players picked in the first three rounds. Now, that in itself speaks volumes about the level of talent that comes out of Alabama.

It seems there is not stopping Alabama. The National Championship team has made it all the way to the White House to be recognized by President Obama. Their girls’ gymnastics team took the 2012 NCAA Gymnastics Championship title in April. It was Alabama’s sixth NCAA title overall and two in a row. The University of Alabama’s softball team also took home the 2012 SEC Championship. So no matter what sport you love, Alabama is where winners are made.

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