Saban Closing Career at Bama

Nick Saban has declared that he is going to end his coaching career at Alabama. According to his contract, he will be coaching until 2019. According to my math, he will make almost $45 million for his leadership of the winning team. I guess I would just go ahead and retire after that myself! There was talk he may have made this announcement because other colleges were courting him, but he wanted it in black and white that he is not interested. Sounds like those annoying boyfriends that just won’t go away doesn’t it?

During all this contract negotiating, Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart was given an extended contract until 2015 and $100,000.00 raise. Thank you Sir, I’ll have another! This was definitely a smart move for the Athletic Department, considering the exceptionally high performance that Kirby Smart demands, and gets, from his players each and every year.

Raises were abound and it was rumored to be one of the more expensive coaching staffs in history. I just happen to know that you won’t hear any of us Alabama fans complaining about the money. We like winning.

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