Where Champions are Made

You have heard me talk a lot about the winning tradition that has been carried on through the years at the University of Alabama. I just wanted everyone to know that it extends beyond the football team. Alabama’s softball team recently secured the fourth National Championship for the 2011-12 academic year at the University of Alabama. So while our men have had a great showing on the football field, the ladies of golf, gymnastics and softball have also risen to the occasion as well. It should also be noted that this softball team is the first SEC team to win a National Championship in softball. What an amazing accomplishment for these ladies! While I was reading all about their accomplishments, I came across a Youtube clip that they put together. After watching that, I have much better understanding of what makes these girls so great. They have single handedly figured out that if you are going to do what you love, you need to have fun doing it. I think the video tells all about their personality and spirit and what separates them from the rest. Even during the rain, they danced and cheered in the dugout. They weren’t taunting the other team, they were simply making the best out of an otherwise undesirable situation. They were having FUN. There’s much to be said for a positive attitude…especially when it’s combined with a little hard work. And we should all know by now that girls, well, we just want to have fun! Can I get a Roll Tide on that one?

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