My Thoughts on the College Football Playoff System

Just so we are clear, I am not like some football fans.  It’s true that I am a diehard Alabama fan, do not get me wrong…BUT, I am true to the SEC.  I watch the televised SEC games on Saturdays and let me tell you that is almost as good as a day at the spa for me.  Having said that, know that I am behind whatever team is from the SEC.  I do occasionally have favorites within the SEC, but if they aren’t playing Alabama, I want the SEC team to win every time.  Why?  Because it makes for a better game when we do play that team, and most teams from the SEC tend to rank somewhere in the top 25.  Football is part of our Southern heritage and one that we, as Southerners’, take great pride in.

With all of that in mind, you can get a better understanding of why I am not a huge fan of this change to the playoff system for 2014.  In the recent past, at the end of the season, the number one team plays the number two team for the BCS Championship.  Makes sense right?  Well, not to everyone.  Frankly, I believe it’s because they want other teams besides SEC teams to be able to make it the Championship game.  Of course, that is just my humble opinion, but considering that the SEC has had a team playing for the championship 6 years in a row, I have to think that is the reason.  Those teams claiming multiple years as well, Florida, LSU and Alabama all went twice, and Auburn once.  As we all know it was two SEC teams this past year and man what a match up that was!  Who wants to take away from the action like that?  It all boils down to money.  The powers that be want money from more than just the South, but the Big Ten, Pac-10 and the Big East.

All said, since the number one team will play the number four team and the number two team will play the number three team and THEN the top two will play, it seems like we could risk a lot of injury.  I know that Alabama has had injured players play in Championship games before.  Greg McElroy played Texas in the BCS National Championship in 2010 with cracked ribs and the entire game I kept saying “he must be hurt; he is not playing up to par.”  Yet, he wanted in the game, he wanted to play and he wanted to win.  And so he did just that.  The next day, it was on the news how not only him, but some other key players were playing hurt.  Yet, they still found the drive to win.

I am all for making opportunities for young people.  However, I am not a fan that everyone should get a trophy just for participating.  I say, “Let the best man win”.

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