56 Days ‘Til Kick Off, But Who’s Counting….

Ok Ladies, I’m finally over my “it’s-not-football-season” pity party and I’m ready to get back in the game! Before I get started, I just want to say thank you to those of you who attended my second annual “Football 101, A Girly Guide to the Game” ! For those of you didn’t come, you definitely missed out! If you haven’t already heard, we had a surprise appearance by…oh no big deal…JUST UO’s STAR PLAYER, #24 Kenjon Barner (And yes, I have pictures to prove it)!! Anyway, it was a great time and we got a lot of good insight about the upcoming season, so next year, I best be seeing you there!

Moving on…
Not that I’m counting or anything, but the Ducks will be back at Autzen in just 56 sunny summer days! For those of you die-hard fans (you know who you are), Fall Camp begins in just 1 month! Unfortunately until then, blog topics (that most girls care about) are slim pickins, which means I’m going to have to get creative. With that said, I figured I’d share a few highlights and some insight from the players at our gridirongirl football 101 event:

1. Kenjon Barner is most excited about the match up with USC- not necessarily a big shocker, but the best part of the explanation was his semi-dis on OSU. Love It!

2. Kenny Wheaton decided to educate us all on jock Straps. Initially, I was a little embarrassed but then I, along with everyone else, conceded I was secretly a little curious. Basically, he gave a rated G demonstration, and let us all know that wearing them is not mandatory (which surprised me). Apparently, some players wear some, or al,l of the contraption, but a handful go commando…Ouch! He started to explain why they would do that, but thankfully he stopped.

3. Despite our smaller- than- usual crowd, the guys were very good sports. After struggling to explain intentional grounding vs. legally throwing the ball out of bounds, they all (Kenny Wheaton, Damon Griffin, Dewitt Stuckey, and Kenjon Barner) stood up and physically demonstrated for us-Awesome! Basically, if the Quarterback has the ball in a small area right behind the players, and throws it away, it’s a penalty (intentional grounding). If he runs outside of that area a bit, and throws it away, it’s considered and incomplete pass (not a penalty). Obviously there are more accurate terms for all that, but you get the basic idea.

4. In case you were wondering, the pictures on the signs that are held on the Duck’s side line actually do mean something. ( I had previously heard otherwise). They are only meant for the offense (Quarterback, Running Backs, Receivers, etc). The Defense uses hand signals (something to watch for).

5. The players also refer to Phil Knight as “Uncle Phil”. I had always wondered if they were allowed to say that, or if it was considered disrespectful. Apparently it’s fine, and they say he’s a pretty nice guy .

6. When asked who they considered one of the best players in college football, most of them considered themselves the best, along with Lamichael James . They all said you can’t play confidently at that level, if you don’t think you are the best!

7. When asked about their opinion of the recent players and marijuana article, all thought it was hyped up and inaccurate. They said it is something that happens all over with all teams, and was definitely hyped up for the sake of a good news story. Kenjon, in particular said he really didn’t believe one of his team mates would actually be smoking pot in front of a reporter/media person (as the story claimed).

8. All of the guys definitely have/had pre-game rituals. Damon Griffin ate ice cream the night before, Kenny Wheaton called his mom, Dewitt Stuckey works out just before the game, and Kenjon Barner takes a bubble bath, and prays .

There you have it- Duck Secrets! For the record, I tried to get Kenjon to spill the beans on the QB race, but there was NO way, he was giving that up! Until next time, gridiron girls!! Go Ducks!

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  1. I have never been a serious fan about football before, but this website is very entertaining! It is fun to know all the inside details about the players and being on a football team. It makes me want to learn more about the game of football too, so I can cheer on my Ducks! I will definitely have to go to the next class!

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