Ready, Set, HIKE!

Okay ladies, the countdown has begun.  With as much anticipation as Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey put together, we only have 51 days left until the Crimson Tide kicks off its 2012-2013 football season.  The first game of the season is going to happen on September 1st against Michigan at Cowboys Stadium.  It’s a night game, so that means make sure you have on your ‘formal’ football attire.  You better start shopping now for your Crimson and Houndstooth combinations.  There may be fifty different shades of grey, but there is only one true shade of Crimson.  I always find that adding a houndstooth scarf puts a bit of flair into your wardrobe without being overly obvious with too much red.

Of course it is going to be televised on ABC,  so that means your living room should be full of family, friends and food.  I always like to order ribs from this great little place near my house for the first game.  Messy to eat, but if you are watching the game at home, it really is the best snack!   Over on our main page, click on the Gridiron Grub link for more yummy recipes to go along with your ribs and you have a meal fit for the Queens (and Kings) of football!

So go ahead and start planning!!  Football season in the South requires the same amount of planning and precision as any wedding, so you can never start too soon!  😉

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