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You may remember one of my earlier blogs where I discussed Rueben Foster being a five-star recruit that signed with Alabama.  Well, it appears that teenagers, like us ladies, change their minds as often as they change underwear.  As of Thursday, Foster said he would sign with Auburn.  Yes, that is our arch rival, but at least he’s staying in the SEC.  Otherwise, he would be a considerable threat.  He is still considered to be the top inside linebacker prospect in the country.  If he does go to Auburn, he will be the guy to watch out for in the Iron Bowl.

We know that Auburn and Georgia were also trying to persuade him.  Hopefully, he will stay true to course and change his mind again.  As we are well aware, anybody who is anybody in football goes with Alabama as their first pick, right?  If you are a five-star recruit, you want to be on the best team.  Maybe he’s thinking he will get more playing time if he goes elsewhere.  Most people say he just likes the media attention.  And I guess that might be true since here we are talking about him!

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  1. Tarc-
    Rumor has it Foster got some fresh Auburn ink on his arm to seal his commitment ( It would be pretty hard to change his mind and strap on the pads with Bama in the Fall with that thing on his arm!

    The whole situation reminds me of Yeldon last year. I’m not one to get excited about recruits until they sign on the dotted line in February, but at least it gives us something to talk about as we count down to kick off! 🙂

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