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Hi Ladies (and gentleman secretly reading),

I had a totally different blog post planned, but I’ll have to save it for tomorrow, because I can’t help but share a really cool experience I had today….

For most girls, an exciting day might include getting a great new pair of heels, or watching Tatum Channing strip tease in Magic Mike. For me though, a great day happens anytime I get an opportunity that involves Oregon Football. Today was one of those great days! Through a couple of connections, I was invited to film an interview for the new PAC 12 network which just happened to be set up in the Duck’s Press Room. I know that may not be a big deal to most, but I was in HEAVEN! The room was set up with a camera crew, studio lights, several cameras…and me 🙂 The mission was to remember as many details as I could from the November 2009 Arizona vs. Oregon game. (For those of you that don’t remember, that was the game in Arizona where the Arizona fans started rushing the field, thinking they had won, only to be defeated by the Ducks in double overtime! I just happened to be at that game, and just happened to be on the sidelines, trying to get out of the hostile stadium, when Oregon tied the game, sent it into overtime, and ultimately WON the game, which kept their Rose Bowl hopes alive that year!).

What I thought would be a short interview about the hostile Arizona fans, turned into a 45 minute discussion about Duck Football history, impact players during the past few years, what I thought about certain coaching calls during that game, if I had a love/hate relationship with Jeremiah Masoli (the answer is yes, by the way), and how I felt about Lamichael James’ journey as an Oregon Duck! In case anyone is wondering, I made sure they knew how much respect I had for LMJ and his work ethic, and the way he had matured on and off the field. I also made sure they knew that I felt in some ways very attached to LMJ despite never even meeting him!  Ultimately though, it was one of the final questions that stood out the most… “Lou”, the interviewer asked me what it was about the Ducks and the college football experience that makes fans so excited and willing to almost risk our lives (in reference to the Arizona hostile fan situation) at times. Little did I know that a 45 minute interview in the Press Room would bring clarity to all my fanaticism. Honestly, I stumbled a bit trying to find the answer, so I started with the obvious- chasing that championship game and feeling connected to your favorite team and it’s players. But in an instant, it dawned on me…See, during each play there’s this moment  just after the ball is snapped and the Quarterback steps back, looking to make the play. In that moment anything can happen, good or bad- players can be hurt and carted off the field, a few yards can be gained, or something really special can happen, sending the fans into a pure joy and excitement. In that moment, we are all anticipating and chasing that excitement-when we are all united and when the stranger next to you becomes your bear hug, and your new best friend, if only for a minute.

Ladies, the season is fast approaching, and I am absolutely dedicated to helping you learn and enjoy the game, so you too can chase that moment….

Until next time….Go ducks! 🙂


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  1. What a cool experience. Can’t wait to read about your chat with Danny O’Neil! Oh, and Go Ducks!

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