Prepare to Tailgate!

While things are still gearing up for this football season, we only have about 25 days left, the boys are getting ready for fall camp and the girls are getting their wardrobes in order.  Here in the South, we dress for ballgames almost the same as we would for church.  There are some exceptions to this, but our game day outfits take on as many personalities as the players themselves.

I wanted to get everyone geared up for a little piece of football fashion.  Next week I will be showcasing what the women of the SEC wear on Game Day.  I am not going to just limit myself to Alabama, I am going to include a couple of other schools as well, just so you can get a feel of what we here in the South wear to football games.  Take in mind that it also depends on many other things.  For example, is it a home game or an away game?  Will we be tailgating?  Is it a day game or a night game?  Is there a chance of rain?  So as you can see, there is almost as much consideration taken in to what we ladies wear to a football game as there is in the entire game book for any given Saturday!

I thought I would go ahead and kick off the fun and show you a little piece of football fun that I procured for myself should I get to go tailgating this season.  Trust me, I have already gotten a lot of comments about it and frankly it has been the talk of everyone who has seen it.  As with all parties, anything that is a conversation starter is a perfect piece to have around.  Also, owning something that maybe no one else has yet is always en vogue and not an easy task to accomplish!  I am thinking of getting a whole set of these, what do you ladies think?

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