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So here we are with college football season about to be in full swing and we pick up our latest addition of Sports Illustrated and who is on the cover?  That’s right, none other than the Crimson Tide’s AJ McCarron.  Just a little history on SI, it first hit the newsstands in 1951 and the Tide has graced its covers 21 times since then!  These photographs are some of the best known sports photographs in the world!  So yea, being on the cover…well just ask AJ, he will tell you…It’s kind of a big deal!

Of course this cover is regional and they have four others that are disturbed throughout the country.  That little tid bit does not make it any less important to the Bama fans.  According to SI, they have ranked Alabama the number one team in the country and they have no doubts that AJ can carry us on to National Championship #15!  HOW AMAZING IS THAT?  And to title it “HOW THEY ROLL”…Can I just say “ROLL TIDE” to that?  This week’s SI was almost like Christmas morning!

I want to talk a little about what I know about AJ.  You won’t read any of this information anywhere, because it’s not a stat, it’s about the person.  I have never met him personally but I have been watching him over the last few years and I like what I have seen.  And this was not his first SI cover, but his second!  Last time he was with his team mates, but this time he’s on his own.  It was rumored that Saban had to reel in his ego when he first landed on the practice fields at Alabama.  I think after that lesson was learned, he has been nothing but a shining star and a leader.  I think Nick Saban has what it takes to make a difference in people and I can definitely see the change in attitude over all with AJ in every game.  He has matured, he has grown as an athlete and I have no doubts that he will lead the team to victory as long as he keeps that attitude in check.

SI even has Alabama ranked number one in their Top 10!  I will go ahead and admit, I hate it when Alabama comes out number 1 in any poll at the beginning of the season.  Why?  I’m crazy right?  Well there is always a method to my madness.  If you are any team ranked anything below number one and you are scheduled to play that number one team, what goes through your mind before you take the field?  If it were me, I would be thinking “I don’t care if we win a single game all year as long as when we play the number one team, we beat the crap out of those arrogant guys!”  So when you come out on top, you always have a bulls eye on your back.

I do think that they could remain on top all season long.  However, the rest of the ranks are not to be ignored.  There is USC which I have already said will probably be a force to be reckoned with this year.  I think they finally have the team put together that is going to turn some heads this season.  I hate to wake the sleeping giant (Steve Spurrier) but I believe this year they will be a huge force in college football.  I see a lot of visors hitting the field this year.

Then you have LSU, who you know fights dirty and will have it out for Bama since they smeared them in National Championship.  But this year they will not have their beloved “Honey Badger”, and while the rumor mills are over flowing with what has happened to their prize running back, I have heard he did not transfer schools over the weekend, wants to stay at LSU and maybe come back to play in the 2013 season.  IF he can stay out of trouble, and that is yet to be seen, no one will say why he was off the team but it is rumored around these parts as drugs.  Come on guys, can’t you stay out of trouble?  Coach Les Miles doesn’t think so and has said that Tyrann Mathieu is off the team permanently for breaking the rules.  Sorry if you misunderstood Mr. Mathieu, but permanently means you ain’t going to be playing football at LSU again, EVER.

Then there is Oregon and Oklahoma to round out the SI Top 5.  I love Oregon, I really do so I think that will be a good game to watch.  I do think the Tide will roll on them, but again, we will watch and see.  I even hate to mutter the word…Oklahoma.  Oklahoma…always there, always looming and sometimes striking like a scorpion out of nowhere.  It is very much a rivalry between Bama and OK, this year I hope there are no surprises on this one.

All in all, it should be a very exciting year in college football and one you should not miss out on!  Grab your best tail gate recipe, your Dixie cups and your best outfit (more on football fashion coming up) and get ready to ROLL!


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