Only 17 more days until the Kentucky Football season starts! The Cats start their season in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (or as we like to call it, The Pizza Pit) where they will face off against the home team, the Louisville Cardinals. Excluding last year, the Cats have had success against the Cardinals in recent year, but this year, the men in blue are a big underdog.

One reason the Cats are an underdog is because there’s too much uncertainty. Head Coach Joker Phillips and Quarterbacks Coach, Randy Sanders, STILL haven’t named their starting quarterback!! The 3 QB’s in the running are: True Freshman Patrick Towles, Sophomore Maxwell Smith, and Senior Morgan Newton. I’ve seen all 3 of them play in person, and in my opinion, Towles is the most talented. BUT, he’s a true freshman, who has never played a college game before. For that reason, I don’t think he will be the starter against Louisville, however, our future looks a little brighter with him in the picture.

I say only a “little brighter” because this program does not seem to be moving in a positive direction. I hope I’m wrong, but the season hasn’t even started, and yet, the negativity has (started). As of a few weeks ago, only 35,486 season tickets had been bought, and Commonwealth Stadium’s capacity is 67,942! It’s obvious the fans are trying to send a message to Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart; Joker Phillips needs to go. And frankly, if UK doesn’t go to a bowl game this year for the second year in a row, I think Phillips needs to go too. To end on a positive note, Kentucky Football expectations are higher than they used to be, because now fans are mad when we don’t go to a bowl game. A few years ago we were lucky to get three wins. That’s progress, my friends, that’s progress!

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