Girls, Get Ready For Some “Island Finesse”

BREAKING NEWS: Marcus Mariota to start for the Oregon Ducks!

Island Finesse

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Did I call it, or did I call it? After all the smack talk from all the guys in my life, I can finally say “I told you so!” Truth be told, I learned through an anonymous source yesterday that Mariota had won the starting Job. Because I value the Ducks over my sports journalism career, I decided to wait for UO to make their move. (Your welcome, Chip!) 🙂

So I guess it goes without saying, this announcement has officially kicked my pre-season excitement into high gear. No disrespect to Bennett, who’s also amazing, and who will likely see some playing time, but I just really really think Mariota was the right pick. I think his laid back “finesse” is just what Oregon, and it’s receivers need! Given how little time Mariota spent as a starting QB in high school, and the fact he’s never played in a college game, he will still have a lot to prove. Considering he just wont the starting position in the top 5 team in the country though, this kid must have some serious tricks up his sleeve!  #teammariota


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