5 Ways to Make Your Girl Love Autzen


Hey Guys, tired of living with football season’s “Debbie Downer“? Do you secretly wish you could be a bachelor from say September through January?  Well, worry no more, I’m here to help! All of us here at gridirongirl.org have been working hard during the off season trying to make your girls love the game,  but we are going to need your help. This post is for you. Read it. Take notes. And, make it happen!

1. Make a date of it.

If you want your girl to enjoy the football game experience, you will have to give it a “date night” feel. Before you have an anxiety attack though, just remember a few simple touches will do the trick. First, make sure to take her to get some Duck gear. I’m not talking Walmart, I’m talking go to The Duck Store where all the best and newest Duck fashion can be found (and no, they didn’t pay me to say that)! For girls, one of the best parts about the game, is getting a new shirt and looking cute. This is a must. Next, take her to a pre-game dinner, before hitting your buddy’s tailgater! Last but definitely not least, make sure to have someone (preferably another Duck fan) take a picture of you two near the X’s and O’s outside Autzen Stadium. You may not look so “manly”, but it will pay off (for you), when she “shares” the pic on Facebook! As an added bonus, she’ll be able to pass part of the time, checking on her comments!

2. Teach Her the BASICS!

The main reason why girls usually don’t like football is because they think it’s too complicated to even try to figure out. After teaching a number of football 101 classes, I’ve learned that if girls just learn a couple of basics, they will start watching more and more games. Basic #1: The team gets 4 chances to go 10 yards. Basic #2: The other team is trying to stop that from happening. Basic #3: Scoring. That is it. Don’t over-complicate it. The rest of details will come in time. As an added tip, make sure to let her ask a few questions during the game. It may be a little annoying, but if you invest a little in the first game, it will save you tons of time, and irritation, in the future 🙂

3. Get Personal

This should come as no surprise, but it’s absolutely critical for a girl to feel connected to the team, or at least a player on the team! Most girls don’t care about stats, rankings, or even the uniforms (shocking I know). What they will care about is a personal story line. If she learns any little story about a player, or two, she will likely pay more attention to them, and develop a favorite player! If at all possible, make sure to take her to a Fan Day or player Meet and Greet. Getting up close and personal will spark her interest. Basically, girls want someone to “root” for.

4. Snacks and Snuggle

For the love, do not forget to hit the concessions. No need to go overboard with cheese jalapeno nachos, but make sure to grab some red vines and possibly a hotdog (if you forgot the dinner part in #2). At halftime, make sure to “head to the restroom” and surprise her with hot chocolate in one of the nice Duck take-home mugs. If you really feel ambitions, grab the blanket and snuggle ’til the start of the 2nd half!

5. The “Don’ts”

I know this all may really challenge your manly game experience, but if you want your girl to get into the game, you may have to sacrifice a bit 🙂 There are absolutely a couple of no no’s to remember. 1. Don’t drink to oblivion. A couple jello shots or a beer, or two, are just fine, but if you have to be carried out by EPD, you’ve gone too far. 2. Do not get obnoxious and heckle at the other side’s fans, especially if the Ducks are up 52-14! 3. Do not forget to have your girl log onto gridirongirl.org each week before the game! Together, we CAN make it happen!

Go Ducks!

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