Walking The Line…Alabama versus Michigan

So it’s that time!  Are you ready for some football?  Who is ready to rumble?  WE ARE!

This game is a rarity indeed.  It’s almost like when you are strolling through Macy’s and you see that sweater you have been eyeing all season and you saunter over to it and notice that it just happens to FINALLY be on sale.  YES!  This is one of those kinds of feelings!  Two of the all-time biggest names in football, Alabama and Michigan, are coming together in the infamous Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  Both Alabama and Michigan are ranked in the top 10. Alabama is ranked No. 2 (whatevs) and the Wolverines are No. 8.  This will be only the fourth time that these two teams have met, with Michigan leading that rally 2-1.  Are we shaking in our boots down here?  Maybe, maybe not.  Want to add to the nerves and the excitement?  The game will be aired prime time on ESPN in a SOLD OUT stadium.  Want more than that even?  The weather could be playing a factor.  Several of the Tide players have family who are in the path of Hurricane Isaac.  With Katrina still fresh in everyone’s mind, we can see how this would be a worry and a distraction.  In the past, Alabama has fared well at these season openers in neutral locations.  However, the last time these two schools met was in the 1999 Orange Bowl, Michigan took the win 35-34 in an overtime nail biter!  NOTE TO NEW ALABAMA FANS:  Never, ever, ever, leave an Alabama game early.  Trust me on this one, seriously.

I have heard that the likes of A.J. McCarron and receiver Kevin Norwood have spent hours studying Michigan, Cowboys Stadium and everything in between.  I am sure the whole team has done their homework, and this Saturday, we will see if all that homework paid off.  Since this is the first game of the season, it’s going to be hard for me to predict what team will do what.  I do know that Michigan has 13 returning starters on offensive, and that is pretty heavy.  Luckily, Alabama’s Defense is always on top of its game.  So even though we lost 6 defensive players to the NFL, I think the remaining guys as well as the new ones got this.  Another thing in Bama’s favor is that Michigan’s star running back Fitz Toussaint will not be suiting up for this one.  He was suspended after a DUI over the summer and hasn’t been reinstated yet.  Again guys, can’t you just stay out of trouble!?  But this time, I am happy about it, he is a lethal weapon on any turf and I am glad he is sitting this one out.

Of course, I believe Alabama can win this one.  I do not think it will be an easy win however.  I look forward to seeing if Alabama can stick to holding another team to under 300 yards offensively and fewer than 10 points on the board.  We shall see!

So take everything we have talked about over the summer and get ready for Saturday because it’s going to be a good one!  Break out your favorite tail gate recipe and stay tuned for the next blog on Football Fashion!


Season Opener

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