Guys…Want to get your Girl interested in the Game?

Football again, seriously?

Guys…Want to get your Girl interested in the Game?  Try these tips.

There are so many great things about football; I know you want to share them all with your girl.  But before you get all excited and settle in to watch the game, you have to set the ball in motion.  First, talk about the upcoming game, tell her how excited you are and why that you think it will be a good game.  Keep it short and simple without going into too many details.  So what can you tell her about the game before-hand that might persuade her to watch it with you?  Well for starters, football is all about supporting your team, right?  Therefore, let her know that she MUST go shopping for some “official” team apparel!  She will be SUPER excited for an excuse to shop.  Not only that, she will be looking really cute for you on game day!  Win-Win.

Now, not everyone thinks “hey, free beer, I am there!”  So discuss with her what you like to eat on game day…maybe she could make that really good dip that she only makes at Christmas time??  Or maybe you could whip up some of your famous ribs on the grill.  Work as a team getting some yummy snacks together.  And maybe she doesn’t drink beer, maybe she would prefer to make a punch or Sangria to drink while you have beer.  Again, a win-win!  She can have what she wants, and she probably won’t even be drinking any of your beer!

Now once game time is here, let the fun begin!  Again, keep it simple; don’t invite the guys over this time.  Make it time for you and her.  Don’t start yelling and jumping up and down because she may or may not know what the heck you are screaming about.  Take time to explain the basics to her.  Trust me when I say taking the time to do this now is a good investment.  Tell her why it is bad to throw an interception and the reason someone is being flagged for jumping off sides.  Not every girl, or even every guy for that matter, grew up watching football.

And last but not least, have your girl log on to each week before the game so she knows the inside scoop on all the players and the down low on the upcoming game.  She will feel super smart when she knows tidbits about the players that she can talk about with you during the game.  And you will be impressed about how she seems to have the inside scoop!  She can also get some cool recipes and football fashion tips as well!  This will be a big help in getting your girl to watch the game with you and it being something you can enjoy doing together EVERY SATURDAY!  Who knows, if you play your cards right, it could make for a very interesting Saturday night!






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  1. Katrina Caldwell Steerw // August 29, 2012 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    Tracie, first let me say I love this blog. I might also add, that women tend to be more about KNOWING someone on the team. We all usually supported our high school teams because they were our friends. I still feel that way. If I know a little something personal about a team member I will watch that game. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Bama girl through and through, but when my hubby wants me to watch his favorite NFL teams, he always throws in a little personal tidbit about a player. That way I feel “connected” to the game in a sense. I still don’t love NFL,but I will watch the broncos, because I am a Tebow fan. Anyway, you get the idea! I look forward to your weekly posts!

    • Katrina – I totally agree. I feel the same way about the NFL. I am a Tebow fan and I am a Manning fan. I like to get to know the little tid bits about the players personal lives to include in these blogs and I will keep doing that. I don’t know any of the guys personally but being so close here, I can usually hear things through the grapevine. And like you said, that is really what draws women into the game, just like getting to know the characters draw us into a good book. Thank you so much for the feedback! I am going to be posting weekly. Starting next week check on Wednesdays for the Pre-Game and Sundays for the Post-Game! THANKS AGAIN!

    • I totally agree!!

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  2. Cute Tracie! Love it!

    • Thank you so much! I am so excited about being able to write about this upcoming season. Thank you so much for the feedback! I am going to be posting weekly. Starting next week check on Wednesdays for the Pre-Game and Sundays for the Post-Game! ~ Tracie

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