So Have You Heard?

The secret is out!

By now the internet is all a buzz with the reviews of last night’s games.  We will discuss this a bit, but you come to our website to get the inside scoop, and that is what you are about to get.

I am sure Michigan will say they lost because they didn’t have their star running back who had to sit out because of a DUI or that Denard Robinson, their quarterback, got knocked out of the game for a couple of downs.  But let’s face it, that was a very physical game.  One that Michigan was clearly not prepared for.  The pure strength of the Alabama team is what carries them through some of their harder games, and by the end of the first half, no Alabama fans were sweating a loss.  C.J. Mosley brought it with an interception, Dee Milliner led the Bama Defense and A.J. McCarron gave every ounce of his brilliant leading abilities.  But according to A.J. “We’re just trying to do what coach preaches. And that’s to go out and play our game. Do what we’re supposed to do.”  That sounds like a very humble A.J. McCarron and I believe combining his leadership skills with a dash of humility is going to make him one of the all-time Bama greats.

Speaking of Bama greats…enter on the scene Mister T.J. Yeldon.  After last night’s performance by the little known freshman, a lot of Michigan players are scratching their heads this morning.  Who was this kid, what kind of a potential threat did he pose and where did he come from?!?!  A little too late for our friends at Michigan, but you can bet the rest of Alabama’s competitors will stand up and take notice.

So who is T.J. Yeldon and why haven’t we already heard all about him?  For starters, he is a freshman and last night was his first game playing for the Tide.  As a matter of fact, he set the record for being the 1st freshman to go for over 100 yards in his debut game.  Considering Tuscaloosa is the home of Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram and the highly skilled Trent Richardson, that is saying a heck of a lot for a true freshman.  Because, while these guys were great running backs, no one has ever reached a 100 yards in their first Bama game, until now.  Yeldon rushed for a 111 yards in the game against Michigan and scored one touchdown.  Now he was popular, a 5 star prospect, the state’s Mr. Football and all that jazz.  He was by no means an unknown, but just not one that anyone had been able to prepare for.  How come?  Because Coach Saban keeps his cards, I mean players, close to his vest.

But what’s the true story here?  Well T.J. Weldon is from Daphne, Alabama.  His high school career was stellar, even for a boy from Alabama.  What makes us Alabama fans even more curious about him is that he originally committed to Auburn.  Yes, you read that right, Auburn, our biggest rival.  Back in December, he announced that he had changed his mind and was 100% sure that he wanted to play for the University of Alabama and enrolled in classes there in January.

His team mates who have been practicing with him were well aware of his capabilities, but in true Saban style, Coach Saban, has and continues to keep an Ace up his sleeve.  This time it was in the form of T.J. Yeldon.

So next week, be ready to have lots of fun discussing T.J. and seeing what kind of running power he is going to possess over Western Kentucky.  Also, tune back here on Wednesday to to prepare for next week’s game, get to know more about the players, the teams, the food and the fashion!


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  1. Congrats Tracie keep up ur blog. we r so proud of u
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  2. Can you also blog about UGA? Lol you are so very talented!!
    Love you!

    • I would love to since I already watch them anyway. I sometimes mention some of the other SEC teams, especially if we are going to play them. 🙂 But Bama keeps me pretty busy!!! THANK YOU!

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