Alabama Back on Top

So here we are again, back on top.  Back at number one.  As I have told my readers before I do not like being number one this early in the season and according to comments made my Coach Saban, neither does he.  And it’s really for the same reasons.  You walk around with a huge bull’s eye on your back because now, more than ever, YOU are the team to beat.  It might make some of the rookie’s even get cocky and off their game.  However, I believe that Coach runs a tight ship and I am no longer worried about this factor.

So what’s up this week?  It’s the home opener with Western Kentucky.  Should be a fairly easy game for the Tide considering they mopped up the number 8 team last week in a 41-14 win.  Not that any team should be overlooked, but I think Bama’s sights are set on Arkansas at the moment.  This Saturday will be more of an exhibition game if you will.

Expect to see a lot of T.J. Yeldon running the ball again, and hopefully Eddie Lacy will return from his toe injury.  I have no doubt that Alabama’s D will be on point as always with Dee Milliner and Robert Lester at the helm.

So sit back and enjoy the ride Bama fans, it’s going to be a wild one!

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