Marcus Mariota: Duck Nation’s Newest Heart Throb

Mariota, Oregon vs. Arizona, 2014

I know, I know. The majority of my posts are pretty serious and game-related, but every once in a while we have to spice things up a bit…right?

Following last weekend’s season opener, it appears as though Mr. Mariota and his relationship status have become quite the buzz. I’ve noticed that many people (presumably girls) have turned to Google in search of the answer, and are finding their way to So Ladies, I decided to get the scoop. Unfortunately my sources tell me he is in fact taken. All this buzz, however, got me thinking about what it is about Marcus that makes him so popular with lady Ducks fans? I decided to investigate…

1. He’s new and exciting.

Marcus just seems to have arrived beautifully like a knight riding in on his white horse to save the day! After Darron Thomas, our beloved QB decided to ditch us for the NFL, many were left wondering what was going to happen to the Ducks’ new found top-of-the PAC status. Then, out of no-where, Marcus showed up to the Spring Game and told us everything was going to be OK.

2. He takes charge, quietly.

The Quarterback needs to be a good leader if the team is going to play well. This means he has to command a presence and be respected by his team. According to his teammates, he is very quiet, soft-spoken and likable, which makes him a quiet confident leader. What woman doesn’t love that?

3. He’s intelligent.

A good quarterback has to be very smart. I happen to know that for a fact. After I tried practicing just one play as a QB at the Ducks’ Women’s Clinic a couple of years back, I realized just how much a QB has to learn and remember each and every play. They have to know what the coaches hand signals mean, which player is supposed to go where, all while trying to read what the defense is going to do. It generally takes QB’s a year or two on the sidelines before they can jump in and lead as the starter. This usually includes some playing time during their “learning” season to get their feet wet so-to-speak. Well, Mr. Mariota seems to have accelerated this process, red-shirting last year (no playing time) and jumping right into the starting position. Post-practice interviews with players and coaches seem to have a central theme: Marcus is very sharp and has quickly learned the Oregon system. Intelligence goes a long way with the ladies, just sayin’.

4. He’s got that “Island Finesse”.

You’ve heard me talk about this before, but Marcus hails from Hawaii, and we were all reminded of this during post-game interviews when he taught us how those “back home” say his name (Mari-o-tah). Sources tell me “He is very mellow and has that Hawaiian chill factor about him”. What’s not to love about a little Hawaiian flavor?

5. He’s the new ESPN hot topic.

After last week’s game, Marcus propelled the Ducks back into ESPN’s good graces. The Ducks tend to be under-rated at times (just my opinion) and this was especially true after Darron Thomas left. National sports media questioned whether or not Oregon could recover from the loss of Darron Thomas and LaMichael James. It looks like Marcus (and De’Anthony Thomas) have answered those questions and given The Ducks some ‘street cred’ once again!

There you have it. It looks like lady Ducks fans have found a keeper, but as it turn’s out, he may have already found his ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. His girlfriend is really nice and really pretty. They’ve been dating since high school. She was a cheerleader.

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  2. Tracie Marcum // January 4, 2013 at 3:23 pm // Reply


  3. hawai'igirl // March 27, 2013 at 11:50 pm // Reply

    Actually her name is Nicole too!

    • That’s funny! I can’t tell you how many girls ask about his relationship status ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine she’s a great girl!

  4. Found out from someone close to his high school Gf that they broke up. Not sure when, but its over.

  5. Any new info on his relationship status?

    • Nope. I probably should ask him considering how often I get asked this question…He’s pretty shy and doesn’t share too much about his personal life, so it feels kind of disrespectful to ask ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll see what I can do.

  6. LOL I know Marcus is so shy but he is such a nice sweet guy that he will probably answer.
    I know tons of girls are interested, he just seems perfect!

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