SEC Game Day Fashion

I have had several of my Yankee (I mean Northern) friends ask me about how us Southern Girls dress for our football games.  It seems that “dressing up” for a game is not something the colleges north of the Mason-Dixon Line are accustomed to doing.  Let me preface this by saying I have never worn a dress to a football game before.  EVER.  I am just not a “dressy” kind of girl.  I never have been.  I am most comfortable in jeans, t-shirts and boots.  However, being a mom, a wife, a football fan, a photographer, an Operations Manager for a software company and everything in between, rarely do I get to wear my jeans.  So on game day, it is a special treat for all of us gals to really take time to “dress” for the game.  It is part of why we, as females, enjoy the testosterone filled game in the first place!  Here are some tips to keep you comfortable and ready for the game…

I had a few of my good friends model some of their favorite game day fashions for you.  Please keep in mind, I am new to this blogging bit, so you may want to open each picture individually to get a good look at the entire outfit and the details.  Now keep in my mind these ladies, including myself, range in age from early 20s to MID 30s (let’s just keep it at that).  Laura, a recent graduate from the University of Alabama, is still comfortable wearing her dresses and dressy shorts as she would when she tailgates with her sorority sisters.  With cowboy boots making a new comeback in fashion recently, a lot of the younger girls will pair these with denim shorts or skirt.  Cowboy boots are really big for Auburn fans, since they are an Agricultural school, and can be paired with anything from jeans to a dress.  Holly, on the other hand, likes to watch the game on the big screen in restaurants or at friend’s houses, so she broke out the heels and the cute denim jacket, which has also made a huge fashion comeback.  And notice the accessories!  I cannot express enough, that no matter WHAT your style is, you must accessorize.   As you can see on Lindsay, it doesn’t matter if you go with a t-shirt and jeans or a dress, the right accessory MAKES the outfit.  If you do this, no one will be able to tell a new fan from an old one, trust me.  Of course, I am wearing my favorite jeans, hounds tooth jacket and furry boots.  The main thing is to wear your team colors (keeping in mind if it is a special game, there may be something in action for the fans like a black out, which you MUST adhere to if you go to the game and don’t want to stick out like a newbie).  Other than that, it doesn’t matter how you decide to dress, just dress in your favorite style and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

One last thing to keep in mind when dressing for the game is the weather.  Will it be hot, rainy, cold, or windy?  In Alabama, it is usually hotter than a Times Square Rolex!  That is what makes shorts, skirts, t-shirts and dresses so popular here.  We don’t have to fuss with layers or even jackets until mid-season.  Even then, we will search high and low for that hound’s-tooth scarf or perfect accessory for the game.

Just make sure you prepare, have a poncho, a change of clothes and shoes in the car just in case.

Tune back here on Sunday to to get a recap of Saturday’s game so you can be ‘in the know’ when talking to your guy…or ANY guy about the game!  😉

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