Bring on the Lobos!

Week two of the 2012 season brings the New Mexico Lobos to Austin. In week one, both teams had a victory, but neither one “wowed” their critics. For the Lobos, starting off the season with a win is a vast improvement over last year, when they were 1-11 overall and 1-6 in the Mountain West Conference. Their lone win was against UNLV, not exactly a traditional football powerhouse (but wow, can they play basketball!).

Last week, the Lobos beat Southern University 66-21, but don’t expect a repeat performance against Texas. The ‘Horns may be still warming up their engines, but they should easily win this game. Don’t expect a blow-out, but let’s hope for some more passing plays in the offensive mix. Those receivers need to stretch their legs!

It seems the sports prognosticating world is not looking at Texas too favorably these days. Pity. There was a predicted 31-point spread in the Wyoming game, but Texas obviously didn’t win by that large a margin. This week the ‘Horns are favored by 37.5 points, but no one out there seems to believe they will perform that well. The perceived lackluster first outing last week caused Texas to drop in the polls, and is leading some to doubt that the program is back in all its glory. Look, I was alive and sentient when Earl Campbell was chewing up the field toward the Heisman Trophy. I am very aware of what Texas fans expect from the team, and the last few years just haven’t cut it. We want more! More! More!

The BCS voters are always looming like Big Brother, ready with their Five Minutes’ Hate for teams that don’t pass muster. Although this is only game two, voters will be watching closely to see if the ‘Horns made adjustments, tuned up their plays, and can provide a more high-octane performance than we saw last week. Well, some of us saw it, and some of us didn’t. Bitter? Why yes, thanks for noticing.

Touted as a threat this week is the Lobos QB, Cole Gautsche. He’s a better rusher than Brett Smith, and last week the ‘Horns had some trouble containing Smith. With one of the most anticipated defenses in the country, let’s hope the Texas D (that’s slang for “defense”) steps up and crushes the Lobos where they stand. They have the skill and the talent, now they just need to BRING IT.

I think I speak for everyone when I express my hope that David Ash continues to improve and perform well. He’s on a good trajectory right now, completing 20 of 27 passes last week. The whole team must treat these non-conference games seriously and seize the opportunity to hone and refine their skills. Because, check out the next four games, y’all: Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, West Virginia (welcome! Hope you lose!), and Oklahoma. That is a tough schedule, no matter how you slice it. If the ‘Horns can perform well against these big-name programs, they should be able to woo the BCS voters and their secret magic formulas they came up with at midnight under a full moon using a divining rod and burning sage.

Last week I mentioned my Poor Planning Department, which remains in full swing. I am scheduled to complete my sailing class (also known as “trying not to drown or kill anyone else”) this weekend. So, at kickoff, I’ll be tacking or jibing or trimming a sail, always with a sheen of flop sweat hovering on my brow. The game is on the Longhorn Network, boo. Even their “live stream” is infuriating! Because I can’t get it. So go, watch, drink in all the live action with your live eyeballs, and I’ll just sail off into the sunset and weep bitter tears of disappointment.

Next week! At last! ESPN!

Enjoy the game, and Hook ‘em!

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