Fifty Shades of Christion Jones

Oh Christion…seems his motto is much like Christian Grey’s of Fifty Shades of Grey “we aim to please Miss Steele”.  Indeed you must Christion Jones because you did exactly that.  Ladies, learn this name and make sure you know how to spell it because it is one you are going to hear over and over this year.  A sophomore wide receiver for the Tide, he started showing his real talent in the A-Day game.  Built for speed and ready to run, he is not only a threat at wide receiver but also on special teams.

What about yesterday’s shut out over Western Kentucky?  This is what Christion Jones is quoted as saying about that “Everyone knows we’re going to run but one thing we have to do to affect the running game is have a great passing game, when we ran the ball, we did a decent job, but we didn’t do as usual because of the miscues with blocking assignments and pressure that we didn’t pick up.”  Sounds like a good leader and one that can tell the changes that need to be made to get the job done.

So what about the Christion the man?  From what I am told he’s funny, positive and a great person to have on your team.  So we want him on our team?  So does everybody else.  What else did we learn about Christion this weekend?  He can juggle!  😉  As long as he continues to juggle footballs, I will gladly take it!

Sounds like Christion knows what he is talking about and his teammates feels he does the work to get the job done.  And while we did see a lot of him yesterday we also witnessed some great playtime between A.J. McCarron and Kevin Norwood.  They made several great connections yesterday that we know if this bromance continues, it’s going to make for a great team.

Now I won’t say that yesterday was the prettiest win ever, but as the Bear would say “a win is a win.”

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