“Are You Kidding Me?” Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Fresno State

It figures that I would focus the Game Day Drive post on John Boyett just before the announcement that his college football career has ended due to injury. That’s right ladies, after all the talk about how important he is to the team, he announced to the Napa Valley Register that he will have season-ending knee surgery this week.

Boyett read from a prepared statement Sunday, saying: “I’ve had a lingering injury that I played through all last year. The hope was, through different treatments and certain types of rehab during this past offseason, they would heal up and I’d be ready to go for my senior year. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned. I’ve been dealing with a tremendous amount of pain for a long time. At this time, I’m not able to play up to this level that I want to. Five different specialists from around the country have reviewed my MRIs and at this time surgery is needed. The operation is scheduled for Wednesday and the rehab process to get back to 100 percent is approximately six months. It’s a very difficult decision. I have tremendous teammates and made many friends at the university. I’ve grown tremendously as a player and as a person, working under my great defensive back coach, Coach John Neal and the defensive coordinator, Nick Aliotti, who recruited me to the University of Oregon.”- Napa Valley Register

Now, we will definitely get to see just how much he meant to the team. I think the Ducks will be OK, but like I talked about in my last post, the secondary has really struggled the past couple of years and Boyett was finally leading them to a better reputation. There are a few guys who will be able to patch things together, but Boyett, you will be missed! Best of luck to you in your journey and we hope to see you on Sundays in about a year!

In other injury news: Starting Guard, Carson York, and Starting Receiver, Josh Huff, both left the game with knee injuries. Since UO doesn’t disclose information about their players’ injuries, it is unclear what their status is at this point.With the loss of Boyett, losing either one, or both, of these guys could mean a serious issue for the Ducks. With that said, I do have a lot of faith in the coaching staff, and the team, but this is where we will see what kind of drive Oregon really has. For the record,  I’ll be watching for Safeties, Terrance Mitchell ( aka T-Mitch) and Troy Hill to step up to the plate, even if the journey ain’t pretty.



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