Hog Meat for Supper

Hello Ladies!!  Hope you have had time to simmer down after that last Fifty post.  😉

Now, down to business:  Alabama plays the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday.  This will be the first official SEC match up for Bama.  Normally, this would be a big deal.  The first chance to really prove if they have what it takes to stand out in the SEC.

However, Arkansas has already experienced a huge upset last week, losing to Louisiana-Monroe and they will be without their starting quarterback, Tyler Wilson.  They have also had other injuries and players that may or may not take the field such as Kody Walker with a broken leg and cornerback Tevin Mitchel will also be missed.  They are a team riddled with injuries right now. They went from being ranked number 8 in the Nation to being UNRANKED.  Those things leave a huge bruise on the eye of the Razorbacks.

Alabama will not be without difficulty this week however.  We lost a good running back to a knee injury last week, Jalston Fowler.  He will be missed, but luckily Coach Saban has stacked our receivers and running backs pretty deep.  We are likely to see more of T.J. Yeldon as well as Dee Hart and my favorite, Eddie Lacy.  Also working against us is the fact that this game will be played in Arkansas.

Just a little FYI for the newbies, when you are on the road, you are the visiting team.  You do have fans in the stands, but not like the home games.  There is this little thing called ‘home field advantage’ and it should ALWAYS weigh heavily in your thoughts about who will win a game and what the score might be.

Having said that, the Crimson Tide played their first game in Cowboy’s Stadium this year, so I am thinking any other stadium is just going to pale in comparison to that.  I also feel like the Tide Team is mature enough to handle a rowdy crowd without it letting get inside their heads.

So get your Grid Iron Girl Gear on, get your favorite snack and get ready to watch the Tide chew on some Hog meat Saturday!

Tune back here on Sunday to Alabama.gridirongirl.org to get a recap of Saturday’s game so you can be ‘in the know’ when talking to your guy…or ANY guy about the game!  ;-)


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