WVU Vs. James Madison

I know I said in my last post I was disappointed the Mountaineers didn’t play last week, but by Sunday morning I was relieved that we avoided the Weekend of Doom. Between the major upsets and serious injuries, I feel like WVU dodged a bullet. The team got to rest up, hopefully work out some kinks, and retain the #9 ranking.

While the Dukes are a better team than the Thundering Herd, they’re still an unranked, non-conference opponent. James Madison has a pretty strong offense, but as long as WVU doesn’t make any major mistakes, this should be another easy win.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m feeling a little, I don’t know… blah. Like the season hasn’t really started yet. We had an easy game, a week off, and now another please don’t choke and blow it easy game. Then we have yet another week until we play a conference team. It almost feels like we aren’t quite in the Big 12 yet. I’m ready for the Mountaineers to show everyone that we deserve our Top Ten ranking, we deserve to be a Big 12 team, and Geno Smith deserves the Heisman.

Players to watch

1. Geno Smith (QB). You should probably get used to me picking him every week. His stats for the Marshall game were incredible (323 yards, 4 touchdowns), and he didn’t even play for most of the 4th quarter.

2. Shawne Alston (RB). Speaking of the Marshall game, Shawne put up 2 touchdowns and had 123 yards. Half of those yards were yards after contact (that means he broke tackles and kept running). He scored one of those touchdowns while being face-masked in the end zone. Someone* in my house may or may not have yelled “Take that, b*tches!” at the TV during that play.

3. Someone, anyone on defense. I hate to keep harping on this, but we allowed Marshall 545 yards. Someone needs to step up.

Besides my post-game wrap-up, I’ve got a special post on defense (what it is, why it’s important, and how it’s different this season) lined up for this week.

* ok, it was me

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