Lookin for a Comeback

Last week the OSU Cowboys faced the Arizona Wildcats for the second time since their victory over them in the Alamo bowl in 2011. However, this was the first time they lost to the Wildcats. From the start of the game, things just did not go right for the Cowboys. Some early on penalties by freshman defensive tackle, Calvin Barnett, put the team in early trouble that they never seemed to recover from. However, everyone made mistakes. Runningback Joseph Randle had a bad fumble at a key point in the game, Lunt had interceptions, there were dropped passes, missed tackles. The blame can be pointed anywhere really.

However, I saw some very good things in this game. I thought Wes Lunt was great. He’s basically throwing darts out there. There were some passes I watched and thought, “there is no way he can make that.” and then what do you know it lands perfectly in the receivers hands. He seems to be very confident, which hopefully will put the rest of the team at ease.

Tomorrow the Cowboys take on Louisiana Lafayette in Stillwater. I know the team has expressed in press conferences how disappointed they are in themselves, but they are anxious to go out and win tomorrow.

It is all framing up to be a great game tomorrow morning!
Go Pokes!

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