The Real Voice of the Crimson Tide

A few precursor’s to this blog post:  1. I didn’t do a postgame blog yesterday because the final score was 52-0, I didn’t really think there was much else to say.  2. I need to print a brief retraction, I thought Arkansas was no longer ranked at my last blog post, turns out they were ranked 21st.  Maybe it was just my intuition that knew that this week; they would be nowhere to be seen on the top 25 poll.

So I don’t know about you, but I got pretty disgusted listening to the game on Saturday.  I know, we won, we totally blew them away, how in the world could I not have been ecstatic?  Well I was very happy that we were winning, no doubts about that.  And with the rain coming down the way it was I am just really happy we hung on the ball for the most part.  However, the more I LISTENED to the game, the madder I got, I took to twitter and found out I was not alone.  The announcers for CBS Sports did one of the poorest announcing jobs at the Alabama versus Arkansas game on Saturday that I have ever heard.  EVER.  I mean like, EVER.

I have had numerous conversations with my Dad over the years about how most of the announcers are not Alabama fans.  Unless they played ball there, they don’t really care because as we say today they are just ‘haters.’  And that is FINE if you don’t like our team, but you have a job to do, would be kind of nice if you did it correctly!  I don’t know how much those guys and gals make per game but I have to imagine it’s probably more than most of us make in a year.  I also know that they are having stats fed to them in their ear the whole time, so how could they possibly get their facts wrong?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  Here are just a couple of nuggets that we fans were subjected to while attempting to watch the guys play football:

  • “T.J. McCarron” – Verne Lundquist.  Who in the heck is that?  A new player??  He LED HIS TEAM TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP LAST YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!  It’s A.J………I am sure his mother would appreciate it if you got that correct.
  • “Trent Richardson had to sit out a year before he got his turn at running back.” – Gary Danielson.  No, no he didn’t Gary.  If you were a Bama fan you would know that.

I don’t want to make these guys too mad, so that is all I am going to point out specifically.  However, they can’t even keep their weather terminology straight, much less their football vocabulary.  They called the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa a “hurricane”.  It was so bad that #crazystuffvernesays was actually trending on twitter.

And then the sideline report from Tracy Wolfson…oh Tracy…bless her heart.  I am all for this trend of having pretty ladies on the sidelines to talk up to the commentators about what is going on down on the field.  They also interview the coaches before half time and after the game, and I think those interview are PRICELESS.  I also think this draws in the female viewer to the game.  However, I think we run into another lack of knowledge here…can you please ask a real question?  The standard “so what are you going to change at half time coach to get your team ready for the second half?”…CRICKETS…How about something like “Hey Coach, it looks like their defense is throwing your quarterback around like a ragdoll, what words of wisdom do you have for your offensive line so that they will defend him so he can get some points on the board?” OR “So Coach, your Quarterback (maybe even throw in the correct name here, that would be great) has been sacked 4 times in the last quarter, why haven’t you put in your second string (insert correct name here) and are you going to?”  Like I want to know the answer to THESE kinds of questions.  We already know what he is going to say to the vanilla questions, so why not get to the meat of the subject and tell us fans something REAL?  What a concept!?  I am probably too ‘in your face’ for most people so I am sure that may not fly, but you best believe I would try it!

So who is the real voice of the Crimson Tide?  The one that knows all the names and stats without having to be fed these details through an earpiece?  That would be Mr. Eli Gold.  He has been the voice for the Tide since 1988 and has called every single game since 1989 for the Crimson Tide.  Not only do I love to hear his voice announce the games, but it is just the way he does it that makes me love to listen to him call the game.  It’s the pride you hear in his voice as he talks about the players.  The disappointment you hear in his voice when they mess up and the thrill you hear when they do something right is immeasurable.  The way I can listen on the radio and he paints a beautiful picture of the field that is so vivid I can see it in my head and follow the play exactly without ever even seeing it.  He describes the uniforms with such grace and accuracy that it really allows you to see the game with just his words.  Now that my friend… is a true sports announcer.  Of course he is a Tide fan and I am sure that makes all the difference.  I have been told he signed a contract extension lasting through 2017 and I am SO GLAD to hear that.  It really is like music to your ears to hear him say “TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA!” with such enthusiasm.  Why can’t all announcers strive to be like him?

So not only do the CBS announcers get their stats wrong and fumble the names, but they lack enthusiasm.  We are watching a game here, how can you not get into it one way or another??  Okay, getting off the soap box for now.  Maybe I will just write to CBS Sports and see what they have to say?

Look out for my next blog post detailing some of the players and highlights from this past week’s game and discussing how I feel Bama will do against Florida Atlantic.  Stay tuned for pictures of that one, I will be there!


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  1. Eli had to be threatened because he didn’t want to give up NASCAR Sundays for Tide Saturdays. I’m glad he made the right choice.

    The Voice of the Crimson Tide was and always will be John Forney.
    RIP and bless you sir..

  2. I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you about the announcers. I found your blog by looking for a way to complain about Lundquist myself. I wish you would write to CBS. If you need some backup on that just say so.

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