The Oklahoma State Cowboys lost their starting quarterback in the first minutes of Saturday’s game against Louisiana-Lafayette, but you wouldn’t have known if you saw the score.
The Cowboys defeated the Ragin Cajuns 65-24 with a game that was a nice bounce back from their loss to Arizona last weekend.
But the score tells a different story than the events that actually took place on Saturday. In the first few minutes of the game the unthinkable happened, starting quarterback and true freshman Wes Lunt went down and showed no signs of getting back up on his own. As the stadium went silent, trainers rushed to care for Lunt and helped him off the field. Later, there were reports that he had a dislocated kneecap and should be back in 2-3 weeks, but the reports were not confirmed.
Many would see this as a time to worry. After all, redshirt freshman J.W. Walsh is not a seasoned veteran at the backup spot and now he had to take over the entire game. But Walsh came out with a quiet confidence and put on a show.
Walsh is a different cat when compared to Weeden and Lunt. While he is not as skilled of a passer, he can really get the job done, and HE CAN RUN. Watching Walsh was exciting for all the fans. He completed 21 of 30 passes for 347 yards and four touchdowns. Walsh adding 73 yards and a rushing touchdown, something OSU fans haven’t seen a quarterback do in awhile. (Aside from Weeden’s total out of character yet awesome rushing TD in the Fiesta Bowl)
The team as a whole played much better than last weekend against Arizona. Last weekend they set the school record with 15 penalty flags, this week they set the school record with 742 yards of total offense.
I am not saying the Cowboys are world-beaters yet. It is a rebuilding year after all. However, they are a much better team than they were in their loss to Arizona. Things are looking up for the ‘boys.
Good news is this week is a bye week, so hopefully the only game Lunt won’t be in for is Texas. However, J.W. Walsh seems as though he will do a great job.

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