“Warm-up’s Over”- Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Tennessee Tech

Poor Tennessee Tech. They just never really had chance; and quite frankly we really aren’t surprised. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much of a story line unless you want me to get into the nitty gritty of 1st string vs. 2nd string, poor officiating or Mariota vs. Bennett. There are a few things to dissect but honestly it’s just not that exciting, especially for us girls. So, we’ll move on…

Honestly, I’m really happy to have the first three games over with. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m a serious Duck Football fan, and historically I would have never thought I’d take a trip to the Moshofsky Center for a half time beer/snack. Mainly because I’d be worried about making it back to my seat before the start of the half. It just doesn’t happen. But yesterday, it happened; and although I felt like I was betraying my team, I decided it wasn’t the end of the world given the score and the opponent. Sometimes I suppose it’s probably OK to favor the experience over the game. Don’t worry Ducks, it won’t happen again… this season.

Now, the real test begins. The Ducks, as of today, are ranked 3rd IN THE NATION! That means they are kind of a big deal. But deep down we all know this isn’t a proven reflection of our team quite yet. Over the next week, you’ll be hearing a lot of debate about whether or not the Ducks are as good as the polls say. There will be debate about whether or not the Ducks have the defense to handle teams like Stanford (who beat #2 USC last night) and other PAC 12 teams that were clearly a little under-rated. There will be tons of talk about how well Mariota will play against more difficult opponents, and many may start to doubt the Duck’s ability to make it to the National Championship. The reality is, it’s hard to say. The Ducks have won all three games by a long shot, but they were less-than-stellar opponents. They have looked good at times, and could have looked much better (especially considering the opponents) at other times. We haven’t seen a break out performance from Mariota quite yet, which makes some a little worried, and there are still some questions about which receivers will rise to the top.

For what it’s worth though, here are my thoughts:

1. No matter what, the Ducks will be able to score, even if De’Anthony Thomas has to score all the points himself. He is so small, and so fast, the big beefy players who intimidate others, may have a very difficult time even getting to him.

2. Barner will not disappoint. This is his break out year, and he knows it. He too is fast and will make things happen.

3. The Duck’s haven’t shown much sparkle, but this was probably part of the plan. If the Ducks showed a lot of creative/trick plays, the future teams would be able to study that on film. There’s more game to this than many realize. Basically, Chip probably doesn’t want to let too many cats out of the bag. At least, this is what I HOPE is going on 🙂

4. For those Duck fans who are now worried about Stanford, I’ll remind you, the Ducks have beaten the Cardinal the past 2 years, even with their lover boy QB, Andrew Luck. Yes, they look good this year, but I still think the Ducks can handle it.

5. All teams show some weaknesses in the first few games, no matter how good they are. The good news for the Ducks is they’ve had three easy games to work out those jitters and tweak some things. There’s no doubt they are ready for some PAC 12 play. Watch for an energy to spike. Although they’d never admit it, deep down they’ve probably been a little bored too.

Bring on Arizona!!!! (MY LEAST FAVORITE PAC 12 TEAM by the way)!

Ps. As a side note, for those of you girls googling “Does Kenjon Barner Girlfriend?”, it took some undercover work, but I got the answer. It’s a no- for now.


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