“DAT, Barner…And Lyerla?” Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Arizona


Boom! Just like that the Ducks are #2 in the nation (a dangerous place to be, but we’ll ignore that for now)! If you haven’t started liking football yet, please tell me why?? THAT was such a good game! Finally, we have something to talk about!

Just so you know, the Duck’s haven’t shut out a conference team (kept another team from scoring) since shutting out Stanford 35-0 in 2003. As an added bonus, they haven’t shut out Arizona since 1964. Like me, you might have found yourself asking, “Are the Ducks that good, or are the Wildcats that bad”? The answer is: Both. Arizona was ranked in the top 25 for a reason. They scored a total of 139 points in their first three games combined, and they beat out then #18 Oklahoma State a couple of weeks ago. Based on their last three games, they have proven to be a decent team. Last night though, it was a different story. They started out OK, keeping Oregon from scoring their normal gazillion points in the first half, but things seemed to fall apart in the second half. My guess is they were tired. The Ducks will do that to you. Usually the Ducks’ offense wears other defenses down, but last night the Ducks’ defense was killing it too. Obviously both sides of the Arizona team were tired and stunned, which made this girl VERY happy!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, there are a couple of issues/problems the Ducks absolutely need to fix before they play next week against Washington State. Just kidding. They’ll probably be fine next week (Sorry WAZZU). But, the Ducks better fix some glitches before their most hated rival, the Stupid Huskies come to town (by the way, if you are a Duck fan, you MUST hate the Huskies more than the Beavers). For those of you that have asked, here are my observations, both good and bad, from last night’s game:

The Bad:

1. Turnovers. The Ducks turned over the ball way too many times (either throwing interceptions or fumbling). Many other teams would have been able to turn those turnovers into points. The Ducks’ defense did a good job saving the day, but what if the defense has a rough night? Turnovers=dangerous.

2. Penalties. For the love, could the Ducks get any more penalties? I know we have some young talent on the team, which is partially to blame, but if this continues, it could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e. I will say however, the officiating seems to be lacking (as is typical in the PAC 12), but still, the Ducks earned most of those dumb penalties. I’m sure they’ll be running a few extra laps during this week’s practice.

The Good:

1. DAT, Barner, and…Lyerla? De’Anthony Thomas and Kenjon Barner made sure to help carry the team last night- as usual, and although neither scored TD’s (strange, I know), they still helped get that ball down the field. But, the story of the night (next to the defense) had to be Colt Lyerla playing at RB. He’s on the roster as a Tight End  (ladies, that doesn’t mean what you think it does), which means he generally helps with blocking and while he’s at it, tries to catch the ball. Last night, he was taking hand-offs. (He was the one that scored the TD along with Bryan Bennett who was also holding the ball). When I talked about Chip Kelly pulling something out of his bag-o-tricks, that was one of them-guaranteed.

2. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. I can’t say his name, but Wow! This guy seems to have emerged out of our John Boyett Mourning. He took care of Arizona business and will be a player I’ll be watching. Stay tuned.

3. The Defense. They are clearly making a name for themselves. If you don’t believe me, take a look at ESPN’s NCAA headline story. Enough said.

With the good and bad covered, we are still left with a few questions. We all know I’ve been a huge Mariota fan, but a couple of the jurors are still out. For now he’s fine, but I’m still waiting for a little Spring Gameish breakout. I’m sure it’ll come.

I’m also still watching for a breakout receiver. Right now, it appears a couple of players (*cough cough* DAT and Lyerla) are on double duty.

And that’s a Wrap. Go Ducks!



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