Let’s talk about football, baby

Ahoy, football junkies! Did you get your fix last night, despite Texas having a bye? I am sincerely interested in hearing about whether you watched another team, and what that experience was like. Confusing? Exciting? Kinda like a blind date, but without the downsides? We do have a Comments section on this here blog, so feel free to leave me a line or two about what games you saw, who you liked, and who you would have a second date with (whispers, not K State, not K State).

I watched the entire Oregon-Arizona football game and cackled like Snidely Whiplash the whole time. It was awesome! And today, Oregon is indeed #2 not only in my heart but also in the AP Poll. Well done! There is a chance we won’t have another Swamp Bowl for the BCS championship! Last night the announcers kept saying, “Can the Ducks handle an SEC-style defense?” LET’S FIND OUT, PEOPLE. The Arizona Wildcats had visions of an upset… so I’ll just leave this here for them.

I didn’t include the Oregon State-UCLA matchup in my recommendations, to avoid being too Pac 12-heavy. But that was one heck of a game. The Beavers (yeah, that’s really their mascot) beat their second ranked opponent, and did so in a convincing fashion on the road. Today, the Beavers are ranked in the top 25. Congrats!

So, I did end up watching a lot of the Oklahoma-Kansas State game, because it was like seeing a car accident in slow motion. Yeah, I have my own feelings about OU, especially when it comes to the Red River Shootout (hint: they suck). But watching that dismantling yesterday, I just felt bad for them. What the cuss? If there’s anything I DON’T want to feel toward OU, it’s sympathy. Ugh. My eye-rolling muscles are strained. I discovered something about myself yesterday: As much as I dislike OU, I sincerely despise Kansas State. But why? you might ask. Well, I remember back when the Big 12 conference began. K State used to load its schedule up with pretty soft teams, which they’d obliterate week after week. Their head coach, Bill Snyder, swans around the sidelines looking like everyone’s grandpa, BUT HE IS NOT. He’s a calculating, arrogant person. Every year, they’d end up losing when faced with a serious team, like Nebraska. And Snyder would go on TV and say but of course, it’s Nebraska, and the Blackshirt Defense, and have you seen their fans with their RVs and nice manners, then he’d make a loud farting noise and Kansas State would move up three spots in the polls. That’s how he built the K State empire: with lies and fart noises.

So it was difficult to see them outplay OU at home yesterday. I don’t know if K State played well, or OU just couldn’t get it together. Regardless, Texas coaches have their blueprint for winning the Red River shootout. And I won’t feel bad one bit if we also deliver a beat-down!

Poor Landry Jones. Thought he was in the running for the Heisman, which is undoubtedly why he stuck around to play another year. Landry, this is for you:

Stay tuned, ‘Horns fans, because I’ll be previewing Oklahoma State this week. Texas gets another test on the road. Will they rise to the occasion? All signs point to “We hope so!”

‘Hook em!

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