What’s Not to Love?

Feels like home

“I ain’t never been nothing but a winner.” – Bear Bryant

If we haven’t won you over by now, let me try yet again.  This weekend was another blow out with the Tide playing Florida Atlantic University.  It was a fun game, it was a beautiful day, the game was in Tuscaloosa and you really couldn’t have asked for a better day for a football game.

I took my entire family down for the game.  I know some of you are new fans, so sometimes it really is just your job as family or friend to appease the football fan in your family.  However, I hope that as the season grows, you will come to love the sport just like the rest of us sports nuts.  I took my son, my daughter and my husband to the game, hoping to get them as fired up about Alabama football as I am.  I am not sure I succeeded but I do know we had a great time!  And that is really what Alabama football is about.  It brings families and friends together, it spans generations, it is packed with history and legend and when you are at the stadium, it really shows.  My love for Alabama football really is a deep rooted love unlike anything else I have ever experienced.  It’s always been there, every year of my life, it has been there waiting for me.  Just like a long lost friend, or an old hound dog you have had your whole life.  I lived through the good years and the bad, gotten in plenty of fights with Auburn fans and done a lot of smack talking in the good years.  Walking into that stadium, it’s just like coming home.

There is something for everyone in Alabama football.  The kids of course love Big Al, the mascot.  Everyone loves the cheers, the chants, the Rammer Jammer, the shakers, the houndstooth!  The grownups really love the new, improved stadium with huge screens in every corner.  They have now put together little snip it movies to show on these screens as the players get warmed up for the game.  These clips are full of Alabama traditions over the years, voice overs by Paul “Bear” Bryant that send chills down your spine.  They even have some home clips that fans have sent down of the fans actually doing the touch down dances.  Fans of ALL AGES, SHAPES AND RACES, getting down, on the quad, in their living room, just wherever.  It is truly an amazing experience and one that I highly suggest you partake in.  It is great to watch the games on TV in the comfort of your own home, but to love football, you have to live it.  And to miss out on a real game experience would be a shame!  Put it on your bucket list!  Do it!

As the poles have come out you can see that Alabama is still on top!  So what better time than to make the pilgrimage down to Tuscaloosa and check out everything that is great about the game.  You won’t be disappointed.

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success.” – Bear Bryant

Look out for my next blog post as we gear up to play Ole Miss on Saturday.


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  1. It si a great game day experience. As I was reading I realized how far away I am and how homesick I have become. But, life is still good. I wish I could find someone who knew how to make biscuits.

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