Status of Kentucky Football

Well, I don’t know where to begin. I didn’t even blog after the Cats’ overtime loss to Western Kentucky because it was too painful. WKU became a Division I team (the highest division in college football) only a few years ago. Give some credit to WKU; they played hard in their first win against an SEC opponent. However, losing to them was the lowest of lows. Getting drilled by Florida the next week was almost as bad. Granted, Florida was ranked 14th in the country, but losing 38-0 is never good. Maybe if our number one quarterback Maxwell Smith had been able to play we would have put some points on the board. But veteran Morgan Newton led the way for the Cats in place of the injured Smith and was not able to put the Cats on the score board. Smith, who has a separated shoulder, is questionable against South Carolina on Saturday. The sad truth is the Cats are only expected to win one more game this season.

Since the season is basically lost, let’s focus on the future of Kentucky football beyond this season. Most fans expect, and hope, Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart fires coach Joker Phillips. Many would like to see Bobby Petrino replace Phillips. Petrino was previously the head coach at Louisville and Arkansas, with a stop at the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons in between. Although Petrino is not the most respected man in the business (due to infidelity and other reasons), he is a great football coach and could put Kentucky football back on the map. We can only hope that Barnhart comes to his senses.


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