“A Confusing Victory”- Post Game Girl Talk- Oregon vs. Washington State

OK, I guess I’m a spoiled Duck fan because although I’m excited about the 51-26 score, I’m not entirely impressed by what I saw at CenturyLink Field. I actually almost started tearing up during half time when I considered the possibility of a WSU upset. Had it not been for my husband threatening to leave me at the stadium if I started crying about football, it may have happened. Yes, I know. There were some glimmers of success, but I think I echo much of the fan base when I say, “How the heck did the Ducks pull that off?”.

Yes the Ducks were favored to win, but it sure wasn’t pretty getting there- or was it? I’m left feeling very confused. First of all, I left thinking the WSU QB, Halliday, completed most of his passes while the Ducks’ secondary failed, yet he only completed 55% of them. Second of all, I really felt like our defense looked like a hot mess, but they did sack Halliday 7 times! Finally, I left feeling like my favorite quarterback, Mariota, was struggling throughout the entire game, yet his stats weren’t terrible.

So, I don’t know. I guess sometimes you just have to take the win and be happy. Right?….Wrong. Here’s the problem: Even though the WSU quarterback only completed about half of his passes, WSU racked up quite a few passing yards. The problem is WSU wasn’t considered to be a threat to the Ducks, and yet they were within 4 points during half-time.That’s why there’s reason to be humble at this point. The Ducks still have to play teams that ARE considered a threat- mainly USC. If you thought WSU passed a lot, just wait. USC’s quarterback was a Heisman front runner for a reason, and his wide receivers are no joke-not to mention, they beat the Ducks last year. I’m just saying, it makes me nervous.

Now for the good...

1. Penalties were cleaned up a bit. There’s more room for improvement, but it was better.

2. Kenjon Barner had a good game and gained back some much deserved media attention.

3. The defense was able to get a lot of sacks, plus a couple interceptions.

4. The Ducks did score 51 points… on the road.

Now a little more bad...

1. Michael Clay, veteran defensive linebacker, left the game after hurting his ankle. He returned after the half, wearing  street clothes- not a good sign.

2. DAT got stuffed way too many times and didn’t have the breakout performance we are all used to.

3. Where’s the star receiver at? Oh yeah, we don’t have one-yet.

4. The offensive line be strugglin‘. I’m not sure what is going on, but they really have to protect Mariota much more than they did. WSU was pressuring him all night! Maybe, as our own Cathy from westvirginia.gridirongirl.org put it, perhaps they were checking Facebook, or updating Twitter 🙂  OK, I”m kidding, but geesh!

Final Thoughts:

1. There were about 1,295,680 fights/squabbles on the field. I’m pretty sure non of them were called. Anyone else notice that?

2. I was totally WRONG about my prediction that WSU might spice things up with a run game…Ooops 🙂

3. I still love my Ducks. All  “Monday Sunday morning quarterback” aside, a win is a win, even if it wasn’t pretty. No doubt they will pull things together in time for next week’s visit by the stupid Huskies. Let’s just hope that win is REALLY pretty!

Ps. A lot of people have been asking the following questions…

1. “Does De’Anthony Thomas have a girlfriend?”

Answer: Yes…according to a recent Sports Illustrated article (good read by the way)

2. “Where do I get a Marcus Mariota T-Shirt?”

Answer: I know where they are and am working to get them on here. Unfortunately,  they aren’t licensed- yet.


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  1. cougars had 25 points and ducks had 51 points

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • Thanks Jason!!! You’d think I’d get the score right 🙂 I guess I just didn’t want the cougs to have anymore points than I thought they should have 🙂 I was thinking of their half time score! The final was actually 51-26 🙂

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