Bye Bye Black Sheep

This week for the Crimson Tide should be an easy one.  It’s our bye week.  🙂  In football, when teams have a “bye” week, that means they do not play anyone for a week.  All of the college teams get a bye week during the season and this week is ours.  I had to title my blog this because I really feel that a lot of times, almost every year it seems, Alabama is the black sheep of the football family.  They are everyone’s favorite team to…love or hate, there is no in between.

So last week’s performance by the Tide had me a little scared for a minute.  I was wondering if we were ever going to be able to score more than 3 points!  The team finally rallied and came around, but there for a few, I was about to get worried.  Mistakes were made, as with any game and I have no doubt that Coach Saban will handle those.  It was the SEC opener (meaning that this was the first game that we played against another team within our SEC division of football) so I did expect it to be exciting.  The Rebels quarterback did play, and he brought his A game.  It took the Bama defense a few minutes to realize that “hey let’s blitz this guy and shake him up!”  Once they took care of him, we pretty much had a wrap.  Even in a game that started off a little rocky, the Tide is still breaking records.  A.J. McCarron tapped the school record for consecutive pass attempts without an interception.  Which means not only is he willing to pass the ball, but he’s darn good at it, he isn’t willing to throw the ball if he thinks a defender might catch it.  I keep telling you guys, this kid is a smart cookie.  And for every bit of every article I read about how cocky he can be at times, I am thinking maybe this one has the right to be.

What I am sitting here wondering is what is it going to take to beat the Tide?  Not that I am in hurry for that type of game, because I am sure I will be climbing the walls and pacing a hole in floor if it ever does happen.  All my fingernails will be bitten to the nubs and I will have to go get my manicure redone.  As I was saying, I know the boys have been making some mistakes, there have been NO flawless games.  So I know that the potential for them to get beat is there, but will it happen?  I am wondering what it’s going to take?  What coach will be the lucky one to be watching the tapes of the Tide and see their weak spots?  I see a couple but I am not willing to even put that out there at this point.  For all I know, people might actually be reading my blog!!!!

I will say this, I sincerely hope Saban and the boys take this time to reflect on the past games and try to come up with a STRONGER team.  I know it will not be easy but Saban knows the imperfections and he knows what needs to be worked on, so let’s just hope they do that.

The next game is against Missouri at Missouri.  That is a long way from home and we will obviously not have any home field advantage.  I will be curious to see how this one plays out.  But what I would really like to see is Bama play the Ducks…could that be possible???  If so, I would LOVE TO SEE IT!  Now that would be a true match up.

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  1. Yes! Yes!!! Alabama and Oregon!!! Then we can meet!!!!

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