“Hey Huskies! Remember Kenny?” Game Day Drive-Oregon vs. Washington

Welcome to “Hate the Huskies Week” Ladies. I know, I know, that’s a little harsh, but if you are true Ducks fan you’ll have to get over it. Unlike the fun, “House Divided” Civil Rivalry with our little brother, the Beavers, the Oregon vs. Washington rivalry is deep…and hostile. I’ve read about 1000 (OK maybe 7) articles boning up on the history of it all, but underneath all the stats, “who’s had more wins” and “who ruined who’s Rose Bowl and National Championship chances in the 1990’s, blah blah blah, here’s the simple girly breakdown…

1st Down-“Behind the Scenes”

For decades the Ducks were the underdog to the Huskies’ football power house. Not only were the Huskies a top team in the conference, but they were a top team in the country. In 1994, the #9 Huskies were again well on their way to another Rose Bowl, when the “most improbable finish to the football game” “(Jerry Allen-1994) happened, turning Oregon’s underdog status around for years to come. The Huskies were about to score a game-clinching touchdown, when Kenny Wheaton (who I’m proud to call my friend) intercepted Washington’s QB, Damon Huard’s pass, running it back 97 yards for a game winning touchdown! It was just one play that happens regularly in college football, but that moment became our moment…and Kenny’s “Pick”. That fateful moment is believed to be the turning point for the Duck Football program and an added sword in the Ducks vs. Huskies Rivalry.

The battle has only heated up since that amazing play in 1994, becoming the nastiness shoot out in the PAC 12. Frankly though, I fault the Huskies. In 2002, Led by then Head Coach, Rick Neuheisel Neuweasal, the Huskies defeated the Ducks at Autzen Stadium. After the victory, the entire Husky team proceeded to dance center field on the “O” for 30 minutes! Then the following year, after one Duck threatened to return the favor at Husky Stadium, The Huskies (after winning) again danced center field on the “W” while barking at the Ducks as they exited the field. Thankfully, that was the LAST time the Huskies beat the Ducks *Quack Quack Quack* *Neener Neener Neener*!

So Huskies, I have two words: Remember Kenny? I do. Just in case you don’t, here’s a reminder….

The Pick- Courtesy of KATU


2nd Down- “X’s and O’s”

Turnover– When the offense accidentally gives the ball to the other team by fumbling or throwing an interception.

Pick 6– When a defensive player catches the ball (instead of a receiver) and runs it back for a touchdown.

3rd Down- “What to Watch”

1. Both Teams are coming in strong. The Ducks are obviously #2 in the nation, but the Huskies just upset Stanford, who was #8, last week. This is not a game to take lightly. Fortunately, the Ducks are much faster than the Cardinal, so the Huskies should have a harder time knocking off Oregon. To win, the Ducks will have to speed things up both in running and in lining up for the “hike”. Watch for a very fast-paced game.

2. De’Anthony Thomas and Kenjon Barner are names heard in Heisman chatter- especially DAT, who has actually struggled a bit in the past two weeks. Look for him to have a breakout game. He’s a guy who loves the fan and media attention and there’s no doubt, he likely wants it back.

3. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu is becoming a new household name in Duck Nation. Look for this guy to be tackling Husky receivers all night long!

4th Down- “Prediction”

So, I’ve changed the 4th Down segment here at Oregon.giridirongirl. I will now be giving a score prediction (which scares me a little I have to admit). We’ll see how it goes.

I don’t think this is going to be an easy game for the Ducks, especially after some messy playing last week, but I do expect the Ducks to come out on top. We will have a very loud home field advantage which, along with the Ducks’ fast pace, will help launch the Ducks to a 41-23 Victory.

Go Ducks




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