Defense, Anyone? Anyone?

I definitely have The Plague. I either caught it from my niece or from the little girl who coughed directly into my face at Kindermusik the week before last. When do kids learn to cover their mouths when they cough, anyway?

So, for the second week in a row, I napped through most of the game (most of this whole week, actually), and woke up wondering how in the hell Baylor had scored so many points. OH it was because our defense still doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing. I don’t even know whether to blame the players or the coaches. But when you have two or three defensive players trying to cover the same guy while the player who actually caught the ball runs into the end zone, I kinda feel a need to blame the coaching staff. This is what we get for hiring someone from Pitt to be the co-defensive coordinator and linebacker coach.

Unlike our defense, our offense got the job done and then some. Fortunately, Baylor’s defense didn’t really show up either. We got another win and Smith’s stats got even more impressive.

I was delighted to see that Mountaineer Nation seems to have lost interest in being cup-throwing, couch-burning hooligans. The stadium looked awesome with its blue and gold stripes, WVU fans were polite, and Morgantown was free of burning furniture.

Up next: the Longhorns of Texas. I would like to tell you all the ways that I’m worried about this game (our defense or lack thereof, Alston is still out with a thigh bruise, for the first time this season we aren’t favored to win), but I’m still feverish and now that I’ve been sitting upright for half an hour the edges of my vision are getting fuzzy.

So, I’m going to direct you to the WVU vs Texas pre-game post of the lovely and hilarious Becky, gridirongirl’s Texas blogger. Read, enjoy, and laugh out loud. While praying that she’s wrong, of course.

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