PINK!? So What…Bad Boys Bring It On!

Real Men Wear Pink

This week’s game for the Tide is against Missouri at Missouri.  We here in the South pronounce it MaZoo.  Missouri is a new comer to the SEC so that in itself will make the game interesting.  What will these boys make of a strong Alabama defense and smart offense?  I can’t wait to see their reactions.  I have no doubt that Bama will sweep this one.  The question still being “Is there anyone out there that can beat the Tide?

Now on to the girly stuff…

What do you ladies think of all this pink on the playing fields this month?  Let me go ahead and tell you that pink is my signature color, so therefore I love it in all forms.  From what I can tell, it has upset some of the men out there.  I am going to go ahead and call them ignorant  shallow.  It has upset some of the shallower of the male species.  “Pink has no place in football”, “they should be wearing the traditional colors of their team”, yada yada.  A little insecure much?

The reason these men (not all of them are sporting pink accents) choose to do this is to bring awareness to a disease that kills women.  Yes, women die every day from breast cancer.  Of course, they may have their own selfish reason, they like boobies, 🙂 whatever.  Or maybe they actually lost a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter to this disease.  For those players, they want to honor the memory of their loved one.  So PLEASE tell me what is wrong with that???  Nothing.

I love to see people, who have so many eyes on them each week, stand up for such a great cause.  Do they think people will think they are less of a man for wearing pink?  Doesn’t matter, because these guys don’t seem to care, because who is going to walk up to a 6’5” 295 pound lineman and tell him he is girly for wearing pink??  Yea, I didn’t think so.  Bringing awareness to a great cause is more important than worrying about what other people think and because of that, I commend these men.  Even in the pros, they are breaking out in pink shoes, gloves, everything, it’s AWESOME.  I can’t think of a more honorable way to take their “celebrity” status and use it for good.  I want to say Thank You to every man out there that chooses to wear pink this month, on and off the field.  Good for you!  Your sisters in football and all the females in your life will appreciate you for it.  So pay it forward, be a bad boy, wear your pink proudly, I am sure you will be rewarded handsomely!

Check back on Sunday for a recap of Saturday’s game. Go Pink!  Opps, I mean Go Bama!

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  1. Tracie,

    Nobody said anything about women not watching football?

    Also, do the players have a choice to not wear pink stuff? I don’t think they actually do?

    And the point isn’t that they support someone who has or had breast cancer. The point is that they wear pink. Which does nothing. I’m wearing green. Nothing is happening.

    But I raised money, I showed people where to donate their time and money, and I raised over $6k in one race alone. And I hate running. The pink on my store is awareness—-the information and resources inside is for raising money for research.

    Research and awareness are two different things, but pink doesn’t raise awareness alone——- you have to show people how they can actually help, which I didn’t see any of in the NFL game I watched this past Sunday.

    After all, just imagine how much money would be raised if the pink clothes bought in October was instead given to cancer research…

    Why not honor the men who die from cancer though? Why just the women you mention? That part I don’t get. Breast cancer kills everyone, including men.

    But more men and women get colon cancer regardless and I don’t see anyone doing anything for that———I also don’t hear anyone complaining about it when the players aren’t wearing pink what they aren’t doing for colon cancer.

    This isn’t about cancer. This is about pink uniforms. Cops don’t do it. Think they should?

    Me either.

    Saying wearing pink shoes is standing up for something is like saying I support animal rights by eating cereal. It didn’t kill any animals, but it didn’t help protect any animals either.

    I think people are taking the “pink” part too seriously. My girlfriend nearly died of cancer. They gave her essentially no chance. She keeps her port in her neck for the next 6 years. Instead of a pink shirt, I’d rather buy her a rose.

    But that would be selfish.

    So would saying pink is doing anything. Pink doesn’t do anything. Money and time do everything. Pink is supposed to be a gateway towards getting time and money from people. If you give neither, then loving pink I think is even worse.

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  3. I bring up women because this is a blog about females who love football. But yes, men get breast cancer too, so they are included! I agree that money does more than wearing pink. But not everyone can do what you have done. Not everyone is brave enough to stand up for a subject that used to be taboo. It’s like we don’t hear a lot about testicular cancer or colon cancer, but I do feel the same about those. If we had months where we wore colors for that, I would proudly wear them.
    I agree with you, money would do more. This is just a way for others to show support and honor the ones they love and have lost, and I am sorry, but I can’t disagree with that.

  4. Yes, I agree, pink shows support.

    It just doesn’t GIVE any support. It does nothing but look stupid. I don’t know why the NFL uniforms are throwaways but we don’t put pink on policemen and soldiers in the field and I don’t think Alabama not wearing pink means they don’t support breast cancer research.

    • To “anonymous” and the other poster as well I suppose… Yes, what a great idea… let’s have the two most important groups of people in our country that protect and fight for us wear bright pink so that they are more likely to be shot at because they are so noticeable… come on, football uniforms with pink on them don’t affect anyone! I have no doubt that the people protecting our country would wear pink too if it wouldn’t put them in danger. Moving along…

  5. It’s sad to me that the other poster wouldn’t want people to show their support during the month of October, whether they can afford to or spend money or not! A lot of PINK items sold DO have some or all of the proceeds go to their causes… for example my car tag–I used to have the Breast Cancer tag and now I have the Ovarian Cancer tag (come again how other causes are not displayed or pushed?). I would have had to pay for my tag regardless, so even though I don’t have thousands of dollars to donate, I did what I could. Yes, monies from them are donated… but guess what, even if they WERE NOT, if they were just to display my support and awareness, I still would have purchased them! So many people wear different things to show support for different causes (Gay pride, aids month, suicide awareness, heart disease [red hats, affecting men AND women…]…) so that the people going through or that have gone through it know we have their backs.What is wrong with that? I personally find it a little sad and disheartening that with someone the other poster knows so closely going through such a hardship, that you would condemn ANYONE showing cancer support! Just as Tracie said, if there were months for all the other types of cancer, I’d support those months, days and/or weeks too! If you think there should be more awareness for a certain cause, why don’t YOU start a blog, post about it, raise more money, pick a color or a month… take your own action and not put down others’ efforts.

  6. I love that these guys are wearing pink! Why? Because everyone notices it, and love it or hate it, it brings attention to breast cancer. Kuddos to ALL the players who wear pink as proudly as their school colors.

  7. I am sick of men wearing pink! It is an agenda by the left to sissify men. Football players wearing pink socks, wristbands, etc. I saw one college football team simply have a small pink ribbon on the back of their helmet.

    Does this mean that the guy who wears more pink on the football field cares more about breast cancer awareness than the guy who has the small pink ribbon on the back of his helmet? Where does it stop? Some of these football players wear more pink than my daughter when she was growing up. Why can’t men be men and women be women? There is a difference, not matter how the liberal media tries to emasculate men.

    My mother is a cancer survivor. I support breast cancer awareness. I give money for breast cancer research. Am I considered uncaring because I do not wear pink?

    C’mon, enough is enough!!


    • Tracie Marcum // October 6, 2013 at 4:55 pm // Reply

      Most men will wear any color they choose and it’s not “emasculating” to them. To each his own I suppose.

    • I think you’re speaking about two different issues here Brad. Football players wearing pink for a month brings the issue to the forefront and reminds people of breast cancer. There are a lot of people out there whose lives haven’t been touched by cancer so they wouldn’t be aware of it, hence the reason I think for the month long pink fest. Men wearing pink though just in general is a preference. You can choose not to wear pink and that’s fine, but I don’t think men who do should be criticized. I hate the color pink and never wear it, should I be criticized because as a woman I hate the color but it’s a woman’s color? Or if a woman wears black or blue which are viewed as male colors, is she less of a woman? I think the answers to these are no, but I hope you get what I’m saying and in no way take this as a criticism but as another view on the issue.

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