#5 Baby!: West Virginia vs Texas Post Game

Holy crap, you guys. Not only did the Mountaineers beat Texas, we’re now in the Top 5 and favored to win the Big 12. The Top 5 ranking was a gift borne of the losses of Georgia, LSU, and Florida State. I have no strong opinions about Georgia, but I must confess the LSU and Florida State losses brought me great joy.

I slept through zero parts of this game, but I did spend the first two quarters listening to it on a fuzzy AM station in the car with a belly full of pasta after a day spent visiting the Italian side of the family in Ohio. My daughter was unable to fall asleep in the car, earning me almost a quarter away from the game when we got home. I guess it’s hard to fall asleep when someone is pounding on the dashboard with accompanying shouts of “Take that b*tc*es!”, and strongly worded laments about the possible whereabouts of the WVU defense. I then spent the 4th quarter watching the TV through my fingers like the game was a scary movie.

One thing about Mountaineer football: It ain’t over until it’s over. And also, you can’t even leave the room until it’s over. A quick trip to the bathroom or to the kitchen for a snack, and you might return to find the ‘Eers have somehow blown a comfortable lead.

Things I Realized This Weekend

Punting is for sissies. The first time we went for it on 4th down, I had a mild heart attack and a few choice words for Captain Weaver Dana Holgorsen. By the end of the game, after FIVE successful 4th down conversions, two of those resulting in touchdowns, I had come around to his way of thinking.

Geno Smith is going to win the Heisman. I mean, I guess they’ll have to invite four other guys to New York so they can still have their little ceremony, but it’s Geno’s to lose at this point. Even under pressure (thanks for nothing, O-Line!) he had 269 yards, four TD’s, and zero interceptions. He hasn’t thrown a single interception all year. Not one. He did have two fumbles, but in his defense, it can be hard to hang onto the ball when you’re getting sacked. I think it’s safe to say he can start clearing a place on his mantel.

I’m going to cry big, salty tears when Buie, Bailey, and Austin graduate. These guys + Geno Smith = nearly unstoppable offense. I know there are some teams coming up on our schedule with a good defense, but I don’t think it will be enough to stop WVU from putting up points. After the performance against Texas, I really believe, for the first time this season, that we have a chance to win the Big 12. Maybe even go undefeated. I wish I could say I see us having a shot at the BCS Championship game, but I think Alabama and Oregon are just too good. Short of a serious upset, I don’t think WVU will finish the season ranked any higher than #3.

Our special teams might need as much work as our defense. I’m not going to talk about our defense anymore because it makes my head hurt and my eyes twitch, so let’s talk about kicking and Tyler Bitancourt instead. He’s inconsistent. On the one hand, he totally nailed two field goals, contributing significantly to our win. On the other hand, he had a punt and a field goal blocked. This makes me nervous, because these are exactly the kind of mistakes that have historically gotten WVU in trouble.

We still like to burn couches. Apparently, some people don’t care if we look like a bunch of backwoods hicks who don’t know how to act when we win an important game. sigh

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