Don’t Fall Into the Trap: West Virginia vs Texas Tech

A “trap” game is a game where a team is basically looking past (and underestimating) their current opponent because they are too focused on the next game, usually because that next game is seen as being more important. Underestimating your opponent is always a bad idea. That’s when you do things like lose to your biggest rival (a team that happens to be unranked, with a losing record) and ruin your chances of going to the BCS Title Championship* because you’re unfocused and overconfident. Or maybe because your fans are throwing debris on the field and lighting couches on fire. Either or.

This is a trap (see what I did there?) that WVU could easily fall into this week. We’re heading to Texas – for the second week in a row, not fair! – to take on Texas Tech. They aren’t ranked and suffered a disappointing loss to Oklahoma last week. I join them in their disappointment because it’s always a sad day when Oklahoma wins. I suspect that in the name of redemption and bowl eligibility, they would very much like to win this game. Our opponent next week is Kansas State. They are undefeated, ranked #6, and I’m going to go ahead and assume they would prefer that we not win the Big 12. That makes next week a Very Important Game.

The bookies nice gentlemen in Las Vegas who generously agree to take your money and your guesses about who will prevail in the week’s games seem to think that WVU will win, but only by four points. The journalists and bloggers who like to write about games where balls are thrown seem to think that we will win by two touchdowns.

Why my money is on the ‘Eers

That beautiful offense. Did you know that WVU’s offense is averaging 52 points per game? Let me repeat that so it sinks in. 52 points. Per game. Our defense might be [redacted because of excessive use of swear words and the possibility of my head exploding] but our offense is unstoppable.

Yeah, I said unstoppable. Texas Tech has the second best defense in college football. They are number one in passing defense, so I will concede that they can probably contain us a bit there. In fact, I suspect that their defenders will be on Austin and Bailey like flies on umm… honey. (We try to keep it family-friendly around here). But we have a not-so-secret weapon named Buie, so look for a lot of running plays tomorrow.

Learning from mistakes. Yes, our defense has been labelled “simply atrocious” and “one of the worst in college football” by various sportscaster people on the TV, but I do think they are improving as the season progresses. They got a few, but a very important few, stops against the Longhorns. Same with the offense line. Geno Smith got sacked less in the Texas game than he did in the Baylor game.

My prediction: WVU wins by 10 points.

* YES I’m still bitter about the 2007 Backyard Brawl.

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