The last time that the Beaver football team started the season with a 5-0 record was 1939. To put that in perspective, that’s the same year that Hitler invaded Poland, a comic strip character named Superman was born, and my grandmother was playing varsity tennis at the then Oregon State College.

A lot of us in Beaver Nation are downright giddy at this point–I mean who even thought we’d win this many games the entire season, let alone five in a row right out of the gate? Even I, a self-professed optimist, thought we would be lucky to make it to bowl eligibility; and yet here we sit, perched atop the conference with those yellow and green (accentuated by a little black, grey, silver, white and/or feathers depending on the week) rivals to our south.

Who also would have thought that at the mid-way point of the season, two Oregon teams would be sitting in the top ten in both the BCS and AP rankings? If that has happened in my lifetime previously I do not remember it. Oregon, at least for a few fleeting moments, has joined the ranks of football dynasties such as Michigan or Florida or Oklahoma that are accustomed to seeing their state schools topping the rankings year after year–and as much as there is a part of me that would like to see our web-footed friends fall a notch from grace, there is another part of me that for the first time ever is going to admit that I think it’s really good for the state as a whole.

For those of us that have stalked fall camp the last couple of years, what Cody Vaz did last weekend was no surprise–the kid is GOOD. I always thought he was better than Ryan Katz and from what I’ve seen in practice I thought he was often more accurate than Sean Mannion. What Vaz might be lacking in sheer altitude to Mannion, he more than makes up for in poise and maturity. I think we should all stay tuned for more great stuff from him.

The offensive line, which has been the weakest link for awhile in my opinion, is getting better and better and actually looked really good last weekend against a very tough BYU defense.

Markus Wheaton is playing the best football of his career and running phenomenal routes, Cooks is flat-out amazing, and Jordan Poyer, who was named National Defensive Player of the week last week (for three, yes count them THREE interceptions in one game), will soon be packing his bags for the NFL.

Our defense as a whole is looking the best that it’s looked in years, despite the fact that BYU gave them a run for their money and they were definitely not at their best last weekend.

Beaver fans thus far have seen flashes of absolute greatness on both sides of the ball, but are still waiting for the offense and defense to put together the total game package and work on cutting down some of the crazy penalties they have been plagued with… BUT, if this is how well they perform while the perfect game still alludes them, imagine how good they are going to be when that complete game comes. Beaver Nation is proud of you, Beavers! Now let’s go out there this weekend and turn the clock back to 1907–the last time we started out 6-0. GO BEAVS!!!!!

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