A Win’s a Win

There is only one way to start off this post properly….How many Big 12 games has Kansas won since 2008?  TWO….here I am going to try describe to you the events that led to Oklahoma State surviving Kansas’ fourth quarter rally to pull off a 20-14 win.

So they won.  It was ugly, there was a rain delay for heavens sake….many fans and players alike were having flashbacks of the rain delayed Tulsa game last year that lasted until early Sunday morning, but this time they didn’t have to wait so long.  J.W. Walsh said it himself, “Any time you get a win, you’ve got to be happy for your team. It might not be the way you wanted it to be, but it’s a win.”

Tonight Walsh had 255 yards and two touchdowns. For a freshman who came in as the backup and was thrust into the starting job, Walsh has done surprisingly well this season. He never seems rattled and obviously has the talent to compete.

However, many are hoping Lunt will return soon, and when I say soon I mean next week. Cowboy nation wants revenge against Iowa State (who ruined their nearly perfect season and national title hopes last year…and left me crying on the floor like a small child) and homecoming would be the perfect stage for it.

—While we are on the Iowa State topic, here’s an odd stat, the Cowboys were 27 point favorites against Iowa State last year, and they were 27 point favorites in their near loss to KU tonight—just an odd stat!

Also, how did KU not see that Cummings was should have beat out Crist for the starting job. After taking over in the third quarter, Cummings was 5 of 10 for 75 yards and one touchdown. Crist was 10 of 22 for 136 yards. The game took a huge turn when Cummings came into the game. I wonder if he won the starting job tonight….

*Congrats to Coach Gundy, who now has now won 62 games and tied Pat Jones as the winningest coaches in OSU history, hopefully he will take the lead soon!

Not all hope is lost, Cowboy Nation. There were some GREAT things tonight. Charlie Moore. Helloooo! That 75 yard catch and run was fabulous! In case you were wondering….boy has some speed!

Quinn Sharp…how are we so lucky to have such a great kicker! However…not only just a great kicker…HE GOT A TACKLE. OUR KICKER GOT A TACKLE. DID YOU HEAR ME? A clutch tackle, in the 4th, on a punt return that could have led to a touchdown. Way to go!

Ohhh yes and West Virginia lost to tricky Tech today! With them and Texas taking a L today, the Big 12 race is becoming more and more wide open each week. Should be an exciting season!

I am writing this all from my hotel room. We had an equestrian meet today (that we won may i add 🙂 !!!) I missed bits and pieces of the game but got to watch for the most part. So I am sorry that it wasn’t too in depth of an analysis tonight. But you know I’ll be front row for homecoming next week! #GoPokes


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