No Mississippi Queen, If You Know What I Mean

So Bama will be facing off with the Mississippi State Bulldogs this weekend.  I am SUPER excited because I get to watch the game, in its entirety, on my birthday, with the New York City skyline at my back and my handsome husband by my side.  Sounds like a perfect date night to me!  Ladies, take note!!  A date night with football is a great way to spend time together.  We have discussed this in earlier blogs, so you know what I am saying.. Open the door with a 6 pack in one hand and food in the other and say “so what time does the game kick off?” Gets them EVERY TIME! 😉

Now, since this is a date night, I will be dressing up.  Most likely in a new houndstooth jacket I purchased from H&M, with some black leggings and high heeled boots…can’t forget the boots!  My husband was also sweet enough to give me an early birthday present…fingerless houndstooth gloves, so I won’t freeze to death up here while I am writing my blog, so I will probably be sporting those to dinner before the game. (purchased at Charming Charlies)

From the last blog you may have guessed that I am not too concerned about the Bulldogs chewing up the Tide.  However, they are putting on a good show as of last weekend and sneaking up in the rankings.  Let me go ahead and tell you that with EVERY SPORT I have ever followed, you know who brings down the sleeping giant?  The one that sneaks out from behind, EVERY TIME!  Mississippi State has really stepped up their game.  But it’s not like Nick Saban is asleep at the wheel, he knows what time it is…no way he is going to let them launch a sneak attack on the Tide.  He’s way too smart for that.  Mississippi likes to run the ball, but their passing game isn’t too bad either.  Not as good as our passing game though, Mister McCarron holds the nation’s highest passing rating. He has thrown for 16 touchdowns and his zero interceptions.  That’s 239 passes y’all.  Just in case you didn’t know, that is a lot.  And Lord Jesus please don’t let me be the one that jinxes the boy for saying that…but that is HUGE.  He must be striving for perfection and I hope he gets it.  Another big factor for the game is that Mississippi, Alabama and LSU are all known for their ability to force turnovers in a game.  The Bama defense is always on the prowl…So buckle down, it’s going to be a wild ride!

And just for those Bulldogs out there, just so there is no confusion, there are NO MISSISSIPPI queens in T-Town, so just STEP.

Let’s Roll Tide!

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