Somehow We Now Have More Quarterback Questions

Oh Cowboy nation…we have taken yet another hit. Just when you think there couldn’t be any more questions on our depth chart…

JW Walsh is out for the season.

According to Coach Gundy, Walsh suffered a season-ending injury in the first quarter of Saturday’s win over Iowa State.


So where do we go from here? Lunt has been out but Gundy has labeled him as “day-to-day” and said he could have played Saturday. However, there has been talk that they are trying to get him a medical redshirt. But is Lunt even eligible for a medical redshirt? Here are the NCAA’s rules for medical redshirts:

The following situation must be met per NCAA rules:

a) the incapacitating injury or illness occurs either during the senior year of high school or during one of the four seasons of intercollegiate competition

b) the injury or illness occurs prior to the first half of the playing season that concludes with the NCAA Championship in that sport

c) the student-athlete has not participated in more than two contests or 30% of the scheduled contests (whichever is greater).

d) The injury must be incapacitating. That means it must be a season-ending injury.

So yes, Lunt’s injury occurred during the season, it did occur prior to the first half of the season, he has not competed in 30% of the season. However the trouble comes with the last rule. Is Lunt’s injury season ending? Well we don’t know. Gundy has been tight-lipped about the situation. But what we do know is that he has said he can play. Lunt looked completely healthy suited up for warm-ups Saturday. Honestly I was shocked when JW came in on the first play. I thought for sure Lunt would start.

Now let’s explore our options…

1. Wes Lunt- questionable

2. JW Walsh- out for season

3. Clint Chelf- saw some good minutes the last two years as Weeden’s back up. Could come in and be solid as he has the experience.

4. Jase Chilcoat- walk-on who has been on and off the team for a few years now. Chilcoat quit the team after the Fiesta Bowl but was asked to come back on the team after Lunt’s injury vs ULL

The Cowboys face the TCU horned frogs Saturday in Stillwater. The frogs have also experienced quarterback trouble after their starting quarterback Casey Pachall was arrested and dismissed from the team.

Should be an interesting week, I can’t wait for Saturday!


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