“Wake Me Up On November 3rd”- Game Day Drive- Oregon vs. Colorado

OK, so I’m a little late this week.Tomorrow’s match up has had me stumped for most of the week, trying to figure out some kind of interesting breakdown,  and after checking out a few other articles and blogs, I am definitely not alone. Most Oregon Football writers have started their articles talking about how terrible Colorado is and then moving onto next week: USC. As I do each week, I pour over a bazillion articles and couple that information with my own perspective, to bring you the weekly “Game Day Drive”. What I have learned over the past few weeks is that when you write about one of the top teams in the country, who seems to not only win, but DOMINATE every opponent, finding exciting stuff to talk about is pretty difficult. Sure, we love to learn little touchy feely things about different players, all while learning what to watch for during each game, but at this point, it’s easy to feel a little well…bored. Yes I said it. On one hand, it’s an exciting honor to consider another run at the National Championship, but on the other hand, I long for a close, nail-biter game (well, maybe not a nail-biter since I just got a my nails “did”, but you get the point). There’s something exciting about having a close game and a last-second win. It’s what movies are made of, and what energizes a packed stadium. Unfortunately that experience isn’t likely to make it to Autzen this year (with the possible exception of Stanford’s visit). Tomorrow, the Ducks face the Colorado Buffaloes and the Ducks are expected to win by about…wait for it….50 points! Another blowout. What more is there to say? So, along with my fellow sports bloggers, I’ll be focusing most of my attention on preparing my post for next week’s USC College- GameDay- worthy battle (hint, hint ESPN). But since we’re here, I’ll attempt a short and sweet version of the “Game Day Drive” to inspire your game day party watching festivities…(Don’t forget to check out the main site for yummy game day recipes).

1st Down-Behind the Scenes

The Colorado Buffaloes, along with Utah, joined the PAC 12 just last year. If the Beavers are the Duck’s little brother, then these two are currently still in the womb-at least for now. They need a couple more “growing years”, just like the rest of us did.

The Buffs have only won 1 game this year so far- a 1 point victory over Washington State (35-34). Most teams have essentially been using their game against Colorado to “practice” new stuff-or create controversy. (Last week, USC had their back up QB put on the punter’s jersey, to try and deceive the Buffaloes into thinking USC was going to punt after a touchdown, when instead they attempted a 2 point conversion. They didn’t get the two points, but they did get some negative press. Apparently they didn’t break NCAA rules by doing it, but it was considered “unethical” according to “The Football Code”. All I have to say is…Wow! Really SC, against Colorado? #notwinning.

2nd Down- “X’s and O’s”

We’ve already covered a lot of terminology this season, so let’s keep it simple this week.

“Blowout”– When one team whoops up on the other team.

“Sack”– When a defensive player tackles the Quarterback behind the line where the teams line up on the field (line of scrimmage).

“Upset”– When the underdog team beats their opponent. (Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?).

3rd Down- “What to Watch”

Hmmmm. For starters, there’s always the cool and flavorful Duck uniforms. Beyond that, it’s a little tough. Personally, I’ll be watching to see if DAT has a better game. He’s played so well the past couple of years, his recent lack of Pizazz has me wondering what’s up. Some writers have speculated he’s not able to breakout against some of the “harder” teams the Duck’s have played. I don’t buy it. I do think teams have been focusing on defending him, but I also think Chip’s keeping his “chip(s)” in the bag.

I’ll also be watching to see how bad the Colorado offensive line is. You will be able to judge this by how many times their QB gets sacked. Poor guy. No, seriously. It could be bad.

Finally, I’ll be watching to see how the Ducks’ secondary defends the “passing game”. It’ll be good practice for their upcoming showdown with USC (more on that next week).

4th Down- “Prediction”

Oh boy. Do we want to go there? OK, twist my arm….

13-54 Ducks (Only because Chip has been letting up on “padding the score” and the second and third string will be playing by the end of the second quarter). Wake me up on November 3rd- unless the unthinkable, “upset” happens”. Oh wait, football bloggers don’t fall asleep during the game.


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